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New Additions To the Jamba Cult

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2 Chapter - 604 Words - Developed by:
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This is a short fanfic describing the rise of a new Jamba Cult.

    Six months after the Jamba Cult had been defeated. Six months after the greatest evil had been defeated. But not for good. Void Termina could never truly die. He could only be stopped for six months at a time. During this time, he would send his spawn to build up power and find a new cult leader to resurrect him again.

    It was one moment when Susanna Petraya Haltmann (aka Susie) and Dark Meta Knight were wandering over to the ice cream shop. Suddenly, they were shrouded in darkness, and a voice said,

    'You can revive me, chosen ones. You can seek revenge, the two of you.'

    'We'll do it. I've been looking forward to meeting Pinky again. But he won't be so lucky this time.' said Susie.

    'If revenge is involved, count me in! I'm going to destroy everyone that Kirby and Dedede love and make them watch!' growled Dark Meta Knight.

    'Good.' said the voice. 'You both have cause to serve me anyway. I funded your father's company, Susie. And Star Dream very nearly summoned me! As for you, Dark Meta Knight, I gave you some of your powers. And I revived you after the hammer-wielding idiot struck you down!'

    'What is your name?' asked Susie.

    'My name is Void Termina.'

    'Then we pledge our allegiance to our Dark Lord, Void Termina!' proclaimed Dark Meta Knight.

    The three let out bloodthirsty evil laughs.

    'Void Termina's first wish was to build a new Jambastion.' said Susie.

    'With this piece of the Dimension Mirror, we can build it straight away! I also have...loyal subordinates amassed, as the ruler of the mirror world. Oh, Shadow Dedede!'

    He held his shard in the air, calling Shadow Dedede to his aid.

    'What is your desire, O great sire?' asked Shadow Dedede.

    'Just a little operation.' Susie smiled creepily.

    Half an hour later, Shadow Dedede was brought back with no aesthetic differences apart from dark, robotic spider legs similar to that of Clanky Woods.

    'I have mechanised Shadow Dedede. He has no hope of escaping ever again.' grinned Susie.

    'I, meanwhile, have built the Jambastion and gotten myself an axe. I have also served refreshments to commemorate us joining the Jamba Cult. Ice cream for you and candy for me. Our favourites! Finally, I have a vial of some of Dark Mind's essence. If we infuse it into Shadow Dedede...' Dark Meta Knight cackled.

    He infused Dark Mind's essence into Shadow Dedede, just enough so that Shadow Dedede would remain subservient to their will.

    As the two ate their meals, they smirked.

    'Behold, Mecha King D-Mind!' laughed Susie.

    'Void Termina also instructed us to destroy everyone who beat him last time. But first, we find the Jamba Hearts.' said Dark Meta Knight.

    The two threw back their heads and devolved into psychotic laughter.

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