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The story of my life so far.

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    My life so far

    So I was born on Ohio on the 17th on January 1997. I have a brother called Logan, who was born 2 years before me on the 1st of April 1995. My mom is called Pam and my dad Greg. They got divorced but then married again. I have a girlfriend called Erika Costell who is 25 and her birthday is the 12th of November 1992 so she is 5 years older than I am. I really hope you like reading about my life so far.....

    "Help! Jake! Help!" Erika was screaming my name. "Don't worry! I'm coming! Anthony, come with me, you too Chad. We need to help Erika!" I said getting worried, I picked up the first thing I saw and Anthony, Chad and I ran over to help Erika. "Jake..." said Chad. "It's the killer clowns...they've got Erika...AGAIN! Come on, we need to stop them now!" We all ran over to get Erika when suddenly........POOF! The clowns disappeared! "What happened to you! Are you okay! ERIKA CAN YOU HEAR ME! ERIKA PLEASE!" I really don't want her to die! "Jake we need to get her inside! And now! Before the clowns can get her again!" said Anthony. We carried Erika in and on to my bed. "Jake...what happened to me..." Erika asked confused. "Oh My God! I thought I'd lost you! I'm so happy you're alive! What did they do to you!" I asked Erika. Sunny came in. "OH MY GOD! ERIKA YOU'RE OKAY! I THOUGHT THEY'D KILLED YOU!" Sunny said. I said to Sunny "You saw what happened...can you tell me EVERYTHING!" "Sure," Sunny said. "So the clowns took Erika, I picked up a knife, I ran to Erika and the clowns, went to stab the clowns, they ran away, I dropped the knife..." "Sunny...we don't need to know all the little details just tell us what happened to Erika!" Exclaimed Anthony. "Okay" Sunny carried on. "So after they took her I ran after them but after a while I got out of breath but they kept running! I managed to catch up and unmask them and it was Logan and Greg..." "WAIT IT WAS LOGAN AND MY OWN DAD THIS WHOLE TIME" I was really annoyed at this point. "Like I was saying it was Logan and Greg. Then they threw Erika into the pool and I got her out. It turned out they were watching me so I just put Erika down and ran for my life! Then you came and brought her inside and now we're here!" "Thanks Sunny!" I said and gave Sunny a hug. "You saved Erika from drowning! You're a life saver! Thank you so much! How can I EVER repay you?" "Well, there is one thing.....maybe you could put me in your story!" She said. Then me, Anthony, Chad and Erika all said "Oh Sunny!" And laughed. I said "Course I will, little Miss love saver!" From then we've all lived happily ever after without any clowns trying to kill us! The End! I hope you enjoyed my story and now...GOODBYE!

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1988 days ago
I really hope y'all liked my story!! Enjoy JakePaulers!!