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Expermint 2001

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    Day June 13 1949, Somewhere in The South Pole. You three come to me. Hello you three my name is Brad King now tell me your names and where your from. And also what your in for? My name is Billy John Conner I am 16 and I'm from Texas. I was in for stealing secret government files in Area 51. Your turn lad. Hi I'm James Rod JR. I am 18 and I'm from Scotland. I was in for trying to sneak in North Korea. Now you Miss tell me your name. I'm Red Lee Yang and I am from china. My age is 16, I was in for doing drugs and underage drinking. I will tell you my age and where I'm from. I am 32 and I grew up on a ship. But when I was 18 I lived at England for school. Now you are here for test subjecting and punishment. For your crimes you will be in my test subjects for a virus that's called virus 41.. We got it from Venus and you'll be stuck here for 12 days. Now send them to their sells. Day one there all injected with virus 41. Nothing is wrong so far. Day 2 still nothing is wrong but Red is suddenly getting itchy for some reason. Day 3 At least one thing I know about the virus is it cause them to not sleep because the body is not used to something from outer space. Day 3 all three of them are itching more and more. Day 4 some of their skin is gone don't know why? Day 5 they all keep saying Hunted. Day 6 All their skin on their arm is gone because of them scratching it. Day 7 two of them are dead the virus killed them besides Red. Oh my god, Red is a skinless monster and walking like a monkey. Day 11 I called this thing R 666, It eats human flesh and can talk to. What the, The power went out. I hear something attacking my guards! Anyone who is listening to this don't let this virus out! You! Please don't do this. I will feast on your flesh the monster said. I'll hunt you down to the deep dark Abyss. . Brad is dead the monster is out there. Never do these things ever.

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This fan fic I made was inspired by the Russian expermint so I hope You like it.