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Caccerth Cops

6 Chapter - 1.571 Words - Developed by:
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This story takes place in 4384, in the Earth-colony planet of Caccerth where many humans fled to during the late 41th century after AI start killing people. The main character will be a single mother of four who is a cop of Caccerth.
None of this is meant to be taken serious.

Bwok, bwok, BWAK! Bwok, bwok, BWAK!
Janel skipped side to side as she practiced her strong hits on the punchbag she had in her office. She wiped some sweat off of her forehead and ignored the pain all over her body, she was used to the pain. She had to be used it. She was a cop and her whole body was filled with enough muscle to keep her strong and buff for her 28 years of her career as a cop in Caccerth.
Janel sent the punchbag flying into the wall just as the door opened. She sighed and looked over, it was Lynna, her best friend since fifth grade and her co-worker.
“Woah,” Lynna smirked and handed some energy drinks to Janel who grabbed them and placed them on her desk. “That nearly broke the wall, you should be careful.”
“Oh please.” Janel muttered as she bent over and picked up the punchbag, throwing it back in its place. She stared over at her friend, she had muscles just like Janel but was one inch shorter. Her blonde beach waves fell down to her chest and her blue eyes were big and sparkly, almost as if they were diamonds. She was pretty hot, Janel admitted.
“Someone’s been sweating a ton.” Lynna walked forward and grabbed the front of Janel’s buttoned up, white shirt that the police department made everyone wear. Right where her breasts were was a huge wet spot which she didn’t notice before. “Hot.” She smirked and blew some of Janel’s black hair back into its normal blunt bob hairstyle which Lynna thought was cute, especially because her green eyes were pretty big.
“Come on, you know I don’t wear a bra.” Janel shrugged and put a jacket over her shirt. “People are just gonna see it anyway.”
“True, neither do I.” Lynna answered, she put two hands on Janel, one on both of her shoulders. “But that doesn’t mean it won’t turn somebody on.” She whispered and removed Janel’s jacket, throwing it onto her chair.
“Give me all you got, baby.” Janel embraced Lynna into her arms grabbing onto one of her huge buttocks. They both smiled and then they French kissed right there.

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