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Vampire Stalker: New Chaos

8 Chapter - 3.608 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 903 taken- The story is completed

After Vigo's death, Chicago was finally saved by Alexander Banks.
This made many things had change, and by changing I mean....many things had happened in Chicago.

Amy discovers that someone was brutally murdered by someone.
This made her asked so many questions.

Will someday the identity of the killer be revealed?
Will Chicago fall apart?

Ever since Vigo died, everything went back to normal.
Hannah and James went back to their world, Alexander stayed here and now he is my boyfriend, and of course no more deaths have been discovered.
Until months later....

I was watching TV and all of the sudden the news came, it was reported that a guy was brutally murdered by someone whose identity is unknown.
I was so scared, seen the crime scene in the TV was horrible, I couldn't not a single minute watching it.
While watching the TV, my phone was ringing I picked it up and it was Alexander.
"Amy, did you watched the news?"He asked.

"Yeah I did, can you believe someone was murdered in a brutal way? Do you think something is out there.....something....way worse than Vigo?"I replied scared of what it can be.

"I believe so, but....I wonder what it could be or who it can be?"He said.

I was silent for a moment think about all it happened months ago, I was worried if Vigo revived or reincarnated.
This was all bad news, and I knew that the chaos in Chicago will never end.

"Amy, are you still there?"Alexander asked, I snapped from my thoughts and talked again.

"Yeah I'm still here, anyways I got things to do so I'll talked to you later."

"Okay Amy, bye."He hunged up.

I laid my phone in the table and I hugged my legs, I was worried that Chicago will have to be filled with fear again.
All I wanted was a normal life with no chaos, deaths nor even destruction.

I still wanted to know who is this new person in Chicago.

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