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The Woman Who Saved All

5 Chapter - 1.072 Words - Developed by:
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This is a story about a 22 year old woman from Saudi Arabia who has to fight off against AI after they start to malfunction and she learns she is part of a prophecy where the heroes turn off all AI.
This story is not meant to harm or insult anyone. This takes place in Saudi Arabia in 3692.

Beep, beep, beep, beep!
“Miss El-Ghazzawy, your time to wake up is now.” Bahiyya felt a cold, metal hand upon her forehead. She knew it was her personal AI robot who she named FG31 because it acted like a 31 year old woman, but she still freaked out a bit. She had just finished up a nightmare that freaked her out, there was fire, AI, and death. She opened her eyes and sat up now. Her black blunt bob hair wasn’t messy at all. Good, she thought.
“FG31, may you prepare me breakfast?” She asked her robot who instantly walked into the kitchen. Bahiyya rubbed her eyes and stepped out of her bed. She walked over to a window and stared out, living in Saudi Arabia, she too like most of the women from here would have to wear an abaya or something to cover themselves with. She closed the blindfolds and curtains and looked at herself in the mirror. Her body was voluptuous which really forced her to wear an abaya around men, but she didn’t really care. She was a lesbian and 22, it may have been hard to keep a secret but nowadays more and more women came out as lesbians. She removed her pink tank top and threw it into a basket, she then threw a pair of booty shorts into the basket and looked into her drawers for some clothes.
She pulled out a pair of skinny jeans and a small pink t-shirt along with a magenta bra and panties which she put on her pile of clothes and then she walked into the shower.

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