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The Last Aurum

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I guess you could call it a futuristic, science fiction novel. It's about a 15-year-old boy, Arthur Dimitri, and how he learns he has the extraordinary and shocking ability of telepathy and telekinetic(s). Throughout the book, he learns many things, but is answered with only more questions.

Prologue -----

Two bickering parents stand in a small bedroom, one scared and the other worried. “Why do you have to do this? He’s going to grow up without a father. You can’t do that to a child, and certainly not Arthur!”
“It’s the only way,” a man says. His silver blue eyes seem to be pleading, and his light brown hair falls gently into his oval face.
“But it can’t be! There must be another way!” she argues. Her blonde hair curls around her face and is unkempt, very unusual for her. Her green eyes are flashing with annoyance and heartbreak, and her familiar smile is gone to create a fearful expression.
“What other way is there? They’re onto me! Either way, he’s going to be taken from me. But if they do catch me, and you and Arthur are with me, your chances of survival are slim. I have to run, where they won’t ever find me. And you need to too. Trust me,” he says. You can tell he’s angry, but not in a normal, loud or mad way; instead as a calmer, softer tone and a hint of aggravation, with blue eyes flashing and his hand running through his hair.
“I can’t leave Spark, Percival--” he winces as she says his name “--this is my home! I came to Spark, using all I had. I even sold my inheritances and lost a good sum money! I can’t leave Spark. I need to raise Arthur here, where there is government and freedom. I’m not leaving,” she says, coming close to shouting and folding her arms across her breast.
“I know you lost thousands of dollars and I know you lost connection with your family. I know that they refuse to speak to you because you married me and moved to a planet different from Earth, and I know you want to raise Arthur here, where it is safe, unlike the other planets, but I’m just telling you that you need to leave Spark, only for a few years, until it’ll be safe.”
“And when will I even know when it’s safe?”
“When Arthur turns sixteen. He’ll be a adult and will be able to go wherever he desires and will be harder to track. You just have to teach him what and what not to do. Oh, and don’t let him go to school. Homeschool him. In the case that he did carry my Aurum genetics, I can’t risk him getting hurt. Do you understand?”
“Sixteen? That’s in thirteen years! How will I ever be able to protect him from speaking to anybody for thirteen years?” she exclaims.
“You won’t prevent him from talking to anybody, just don’t let him go to school. You will need to teach him, as I said, and you will let him talk to others, just don’t encourage school,” Percival explains.
“But he’ll be so lonely…” she whispers.
“It’ll be okay. He’ll have you, and you’re company enough,” he calms, wrapping his arm around her shoulder.
She falls into him, hugging his body tightly against her own. “I’m just so scared, Percy. What if something bad happens?”
“Nothing bad will happen, Gwen,” he murmurs.
She looks up at him with delicate tears in her eyes. “What is after you anyway? Will you die?”
“I’m not going to die. Everything will be fine.”
“Are you sure? I don’t know what I would ever be able to do if you got hurt, much less died.”
“I won’t die, you have nothing to worry about,” he says, putting a hand gently on her face.
“I have everything to worry about!”
“And so do I, but I don’t let it get to me. So neither should you,” Percy says, kissing her softly on the cheek.
She gives a small smile to him. “Alright, my dashing knight,” she says, kissing him on the lips.
“Oh, my beautiful Queen Gwen. I’ll do anything for you.”
Gwen rewards this with a larger smile and presses her lips against him. They stand there like that for a minute, bodies holding each other tightly, lips clasped together.
Suddenly, a tiny, barely audible cry sounds from outside of the room, somewhere in the hallway.
Gwen pulls away. “Arthur.”
Percy’s eyes widen. “You’re right. Quickly, go to Arthur.”
“Where will you be?” Gwen asks nervously.
“I need to go grab Reaper. Now go!” he says, already rushing out of the room.
“Great, great, great. The one day I leave Reaper in the bathroom, we get attacked by the demons. Just my luck!” he mutters as he grabs a newly polished and sharpened Reaper off the sink. The sword--for that is what Reaper is--has a blade that turns from a white tip to the oblivion black at the hilt and a dark leather grip.
Percy sprints into the room, Gwen blocking his vision. He can already sense something’s wrong. He gently pushes Gwen out of the way to see Arthur’s room, a bed on the left, dresser on the right. All seems normal except for one thing...flying objects? Small toys, clothes, and a jagged knife float in the air. And when Percy looks to Arthur, a small child stands next to the crib. The child in the room isn’t a demon as Percy suspected, but instead a little girl, looking about the same age as Arthur. Her hair is black and a little longer than shoulder length, bangs hanging in her eyes. She looks up at Percy, and he can see her eyes are black and seemingly endless.
“Wha-- Who are you?” he asks, his sword starting to slip from his grip.
Her eyes widen. She looks down at her feet and mutters something.
“Who are you...sweetie?” Gwen asks.
The little girl bursts into tears. Arthur looks over at her, and she begins to float into his crib.
“By God...Arthur’s an Aurum,” Percy trails.
“Arthur, do you know who she is?” Gwen asks.
Arthur nods his head.
“Could you tell me?”
He shakes his head.
“Alright…” Gwen says, obviously at a loss of words.
“Please? Could one of you tell me who she is?” Percy tries.
“I-I am Penny,” she stammers. “Could-could you please leave me and Arthur alone? We were playing a game that I kinda liked…”
“Of course,” Gwen says, and they walk out of the room.
It’s not until they’re out of the room that it dawns on Percy.
“She was such a cute child. I’m glad I left the--wait. Why did I leave again?”
“Gwen, I think she’s an Aurum too.”
Gwen’s face drops. “Wait, there was a knife in the room…”
They simultaneously turn towards the door. “Arthur!”
Percy throws open the door and walks inside. Arthur and Penny have one hand pressed against each others, and the small knife is clutched tightly in Penny’s hand. No objects are flying in the room this time.
Gwen runs over and snatches Penny from the crib. Arthur’s eyes well up and his face pales while Penny’s face flushes and her eyes become the size of saucers.
“Gwen, go figure out who Penny belongs...to… That’s Princess Penelope! She was born a month after Arthur! My God, she’s royalty! Quickly, go take her to the King and Queen! They’re probably scared out of their wits!”
Gwen nods and puts one of Arthur’s jackets on Penny, marching out of the door immediately after.
“You better have a good excuse. How did she get in here?” Percy demands to his son, who is quietly crying.
“I wanted her in here...and--” he sniffs “--she floated in through that window.”
This story is believable, he does seem able to make things levitate. “How long have you been making things...float?”
He shrugs.
“Okaaay...when did you meet her?”
“A while ago. I was in the store with Mum and a person walked in with Penny… she seemed nice…”
“Not all people are how they look,” Percy says.
He gives a confused look, and clings tighter to the small knife that has somehow appeared in his crib. The blade is cutting shallow cuts into the palms and and fleshy skin of his arm.
“No, no, no, Arthur,” Percy says, taking the little three-year-old out of the crib. He walks into the kitchen and begins to wash Arthur’s cuts. “How did you even get a knife?”
Arthur remains quiet and stares at the faucet.
“Arthur, where did you get the knife?”
Arthur still remains quiet and staring at the faucet.
“Okay… Goddammit! How did you even cut so deeply! I thought these were shallow!”
Arthur’s eyes well up again.
“No, no, Arthur, it’s okay, shh...there’s nothing wrong. I’m not mad at you, I’m just…”
“Frustrated?” Arthur supplies.
“Yes, my intelligent son. Frustrated,” he says, ruffling Arthur’s blond hair.
Arthur hugs his father, and they decide to go watch something on the holoscreen. About ten minutes passes, and Arthur is quick asleep. Gwen walks into the door and over to the couch that the two are sitting on. The cuts are wrapped with white bandages, making Arthur’s hands seem bigger.
Gwen doesn’t ask and takes Arthur to his room, soon coming back afterwards.
“You were right, I will need to go to somewhere else. What happened today can’t happen again.”
Percy looks up at her and hands her a small device. “Whenever you need me, press the button. I will be there as soon as possible. It’s only for emergencies, no pressing it because you are angry with Arthur. Is that clear?”
“Yes. I’ll be leaving tomorrow.”
“As will I.”

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Please make more!!! It's good!
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I like it, but make sure to review grammatical errors.
Please continue😁