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My life... AROOO!

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Hi, I'm Shadow. I'm a female, cute one day old wolf. One day our cave was invaded. Poor mama...

    The Invasion!
    I was snoring away in my cave, with mama, unaware of any danger. Then, an ear-ringing thunderclap echoed through the cave. I woke with a start and hid myself under mama's tail. "Shadow? Oh Shadow come out." mama whispered gently. So I did as I was told and crawled out. Then, a pack of vicious panthers BURST into our cave and attacked! Mama held them of and I ran. I stumbled. Everything was wet, then black...

    Where am I?
    When I woke up I had NO IDEA what was going on! Then I remembered. I had water in my eyes, nose, ears, everywhere! "I must've fallen into a river," I thought. Then I heard a voice. "Yo dad it’s wakin' up. Oh and it’s a girl!". It was a friendly sort of voice, so I shook myself and jumped into their arms. "Oh! Dad come! Come look!".
    "My word! That’s amazingly rare! I guess you two have quite a bond!" came a man’s voice. I blinked a few times and the person holding me was a teenage girl!

    The zoo.
    "Why am I here? Send me home nice girl!" I howled, but, of course, they couldn’t understand me. Then, I felt myself being lifted into a truck. We started moving again. All of a sudden, there was a massive pothole, and I got thrown into the bars of the cage. Red spots danced in front of my eyes, then everything went black. When I woke up, I was in a cave. Then it was when I realized, I was in a ZOO! I walked outside just as a man was booming, "AND NOW, OUR NEW 2 PRIZE ANIMALS, SHADOW AND LUNA THE MOUNTAIN WOLVES!". 'Luna?' I thought, 'that's mamas name!'.

    While everyone was oohing and ahhing at me, I let out a bloodcurdling howl, and everyone screamed as I bared my teeth. A toddler even cried! A handler came in and tried to calm me, but, being as small as I am, I squeezed where he couldn't get me: the cave. 'phew,' I thought. ‘That was too close!'. Then I heard a bark as I laid down. I shot straight back up. At the other end of the cave, it had opened up and a zoo worker was crawling towards me! I ran and howled but bumped into something soft. "M-mama?" I whimpered „save me!". All of a sudden mama bit the scruff of my neck and shot out of the cave, me in her mouth!

    We carried on until we came to a river. Mama placed me down and jumped over, then nodded her head to gesture for me to do the same. I cried and whimpered but she howled why. So, I explained what happened last time. All of a sudden, I heard footsteps and voices. I pounced as fast as lightning to the other side of the raging river. "You did it!" mama congratulated me. The footsteps started coming closer and mama picked me up in her mouth again and sprinted to the safety of a hidden cave behind a waterfall; as she placed me down I saw silhouettes of zoo workers with dart guns outside. We stood as still as statues as they passed.

    THE END!

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