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Lost in Reality

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Fantasy Story

    Silvan went through a dark tunnel always looking for the light at the end. He didn’t know if he has been walking for Minutes or hours. He just knew that he couldn’t go back. He sat down for a bit. His breath was heavy and he held the wound in his stomach. Silvan knew, he probably wouldn’t survive another night without the healing powers of the sun. He closed his injured eyes and moaned. The pain was overwhelming, then his instinct awoke. His lids snapped open and uncovered a pair of otherly beautiful blue eyes. Silvan jumped up and continued his way through the darkness. When he almost believed there was no hope anymore, he saw a light. Just very small at first, but the hope gave him the power to do the last steps. He came out of the cave and looked at a gigantic city. He only had time to take the magical tiara and fall down onto the ground before he fainted from exhaustion and pain while the sun started slowly healing his wounds.

    When Silvan woke up the first thing he saw was a fake sunlight. It had the same healing powers as the normal sun, but didn’t feel as good. He tried to move, then he recognized that his arms were tied behind his back. He was sitting in a white room, a fake sun flying in the middle of the room. His wounds had already started to heal. Nervously he checked if the Tiara was still there and he surprisedly recognized that they didn’t take it from him. The golden Tiara with the green smaragds had strong powers if used by someone with strong magical powers. His closed his eyes, relieved. Then he heard steps on the floor. Someone was coming. At least three people. He was ready to fight for his life. He could try to cut the rope with the tiara. He also looked for a fast exit but there was only a door in the room, no windows. The steps stopped and someone unlocked the door. Four people entered the room, all of them wearing some kind of uniform. They forced Silvan to stand up with the power of their will. They weren’t very strong and Silvan could have easily beat them, if he wasn’t still so injured, also he was wondering, who was the one bringing him here. The uniformed men roughly pressured his mind even though he didn’t even try to resist. They lead him through long halls, until he didn’t even know where they started. Then they arrived at a giant hall. He was surprised when he recognized that power rubins covered everything. The walls were covered with amazing golden animal paintings. Then he saw the queen, she and her long black hair.

    Silvan felt the power of magic flowing within her. She turned to him and as he looked into her face he realized her yellow cat-like eyes. It was understandable since she was the queen of the animal kingdom, that she would have the eyes of the most powerful animal alive in Imenia, the panther. One of the guards suddenly pushed him onto his knees and brought him back to reality. She stepped forward. And her gaze made him want to look away but he forced himself to not do so, he wouldn’t show any weakness in front of her. “Are you from the light kingdom?” she asked with a slight growl in her voice. “I was, I don’t belong there anymore.” Silvan said, trying to hide the Tiara behind his back. He knew that the queen most certainly already knew about the tiara, but he couldn’t figure out why she didn’t say something about it. “Are you friend or enemy?” she asked. Silvan looked her deep in the eyes and answered: “I am neither friend nor enemy, I am an assassin.” The Queen turned away from him and sat down on her throne.

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