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Cold Sand

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Who knew Winter would actually admit his love for a SandWing? What's more, is the SandWing is Qibli. Although Qibli admitted his love for Winter first, they learn more about each other through their new interactions. A war is coming, but it is up to Qibli to stop it. Would Winter stock with him and get the IceWings to become allies with the SandWing princess or will he abandon Qibli at the last possible, worst minute when things get into trouble?

I have this ship I made a long time ago. I decided to finally start writing on this. Qinter! I know it is a gay ship, but welcome to the 21st century where LGBTQ+ exists.

Qibli stopped Winter in his tracks. Why did I have to blush? Qibli's breath is warm against my ice scales.

"Winter, I have to tell you something." Qibli's crooked grin stretches on his face. He really is trying to push me to my limits. It makes it impossible for me to hold back the urge to kiss him. "I think I love you." Qibli blurts. Winter blushes furiously and jumps into the air and flies.

"I am so stupid. How could I do that to myself and Qibli? He has feelings for me, and I have feelings for him too. I am such an idiot," Winter tells himself. Winter looks behind him hoping to see Qibli trail after him, but nothing is there. Qibli, I love you too.WInter returns to Jade Academy and goes to his dorm. Winter's dorm is ice cold as his heart before Qibli. The rankings on the Ice Kingdom wall would have been his life long goal. Then Qibli came along and softened him up. It was against IceWing laws to be soft, especially to other tribes. Winter decides to head to Kinkajou's cave for advice. Kinkajou may be a ten-year-old dragonet, but she gave awesome advice. Kinkajou was rooming with MoonWatcher and Peril. MoonWatcher was a beautiful NightWing, and Peril was a hot-headed SkyWing. Peril joined their Winglet and was quite funny. Winter arrives at Kinkajou's dorm only to see Qibli talking to Kinkajou.

"Winter just flew away. Maybe I scared him away, I hope not. I really love him. Maybe he doesn't love me as I do to him." Qibli's voice cracked. Winter attempts to sit down, but trips over his own feet and sprawls onto the floor. "Winter! What are you doing here?" Qibli is shocked at Winter's sudden entrance.

"I love you, Qibli. I got startled by your sudden revelation," responded Winter. Qibli embraces Winter and Winter feels Qibli's warm, satisfying heat seep in. "My mother would never approve of this," Winter stammers. His dark sapphire eyes start to tear up, making his face appear more blue than normal. Qibli lifts up Winter's face.

"Winter, SandWings have this ability to switch genders. I could become female in three weeks and become Oasis," Qibli suggests. Winter ponders on the thought.

"Would you still be the same as you are now?"

"Yes, maybe more funny," Qibli jokes. "I will always be with you." They nuzzle each other affectionately. "I will start the transformation tonight. Why don't you look to see if you can change dorms?" They head their separate ways. Winter decides to head to Stonemover.

"Stonemover, is it true that Sandwings have the ability to change genders?" Winter questions.

"Yes, they can, but only if their loved one is of the same gender." Stonemover rasps. "Why do you ask, Winter?"

"Qibli and I love each other and he is going to swap his gender, so we can be together without issues. He plans on starting tonight."

"You boys go good together." Winter nods thankfully, and he weaves his way around the caves until he arrives at the library. There he runs into MoonWatcher organizing the scrolls, and Anemone reading to Tamarin. Winter heads over to StarFlight.

"StarFlight I would like to change my dorm to Qibli's dorm," Winter asserts.

"Okay, Moon come here please," StarFlight mumbles.

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Hello there! I just now started reading this and it’s great! 😁
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. wth
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Good,plz make more
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I LOVE this Fanfic. Please make more!!! Sorry that I don’t have any ideas but I’ll try! Good Luck!