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The Ballet shoe

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So, the title tells you that it's about this ballet shoe. This shoe isn't ordinary--it does miracles to a ballerina.

Ring! The school bell rang signaling the start of freedom and the end of misery. Carson binned up her hair, had a quick lunch and dashed to her ballet school-- Royal Academy of Dance. Carson was 15, was passionate in ballet, had great figure, great character. Only some looked up to her but most were jealous of Carson and loved to see her in hot soup or get Carson embarrassed especially during Ballet. They wanted all the boys to break up with Carson in both school and Ballet. Carson did not really care what was happening behind her back, she just wanted to pursue her passion in Ballet and fit in in school but the people who were jealous just would not let Carson have her way. Carson had light brown hair that curled a little at the ends and she had elegance in everything she did.

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Fadra. That's her name
1236 days ago
Ok. And I didn't mean all the chapters, just the one-sentence ones. You could combine them all and make the next few about something that whatsername did. The one who got jealous. And what happened to her
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The first sentence is to change my name and the second is to thank u for ur suggestion.
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Um, I don't rlly know what that has 2 do with my comment? Does it have 2 do with someone else's comment? Just wondering
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Ok , sorry , I’ll change my name to the author of this story.
Thanks for the suggestion.
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I would suggest making ur chapters longer. And I don't know what else 2 say!
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Hello, pls give me suggestions or comment on my book here. Thank you, would really appreciate it if there is no hate comment.😬