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The Interplanet Art Academy--At War (1)

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Jania Brooklyn thought she was prepared.
But not for this.

Jania Brooklyn

It was my first day, and I did expect that something might go horribly wrong. That was what happened in books, at least. However, I did not expect to get a speech about how the planet we were on, Amtee-Ohna, and all the other planets, were at war.
I'd just got here with my bags an hour ago, when Miss Dakota brought five other girls and I to a dorm, where we had each claimed a bed. Mine was the top bunk by the window with the lovely view of the outside grounds. She told us that we were to stay here and get to know each other until she came back to take us to dinner. The girls in my dorm were Margaret Joe-Bob, Ravenia Claw, Lunah Laney, Yvonne Anderson, and Jessica Kennedy. Ten minutes ago, Miss Dakota told me to follow her, and I was still walking.
"How big is this place?" I muttered, although I'd seen the grandiose scope of the outside. Apparently Miss Dakota heard me, because she replied:
"Very large," and kept on walking. Soon we reached a golden door with the words "Teacher's Office No. #1" on it. We stepped inside. There were two wooden chairs and a desk inside, along with a cabinet. "Sit," she said. I did. "You are here to have a very serious talk with me."
"About what?" I inquired.
"About that we are at war," she replied harshly.
"Wait--what? What do you mean, 'we are at war?'"
"I mean, we are at war!" Miss Dakota burst out. "There are planets that are bent on conquering and nothing else, bloodthirsty planets that want only dominion! And since they are united in this, they look to other planets to rule! There are spies among us, Jania Brooklyn. Spies."
"What does this have to do with me?" I squeaked.
"Jania, the spies have some technology that hides what they do here. Only six can see what they do--six students." Wait--did I know what was coming? Why else would she be having this talk with me? She confirmed it by saying, "and you, Jania, are one of the six."

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81 days ago
🙏🏽 Plllllllllleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssse!!!!
81 days ago
This. Is. Awesome. Please add more!!!
208 days ago
cool this is a very good story or should I say fan fiction
343 days ago
Kaity neveah...

I haven't read this in awhile lol but I feel like you squished me and nhyt together. Tbh I forget if the name was a coincidence or- mmm
408 days ago
495 days ago
AllTheTests is glitching when I try to write the fifth, so it may be a while until the next comes out. And thank you and you're welcome, Kaity
511 days ago
This is awesome. thanks for writing
522 days ago
However, anything that happened with Yvonne outside of Penelope's dorm is still Yvonne. Sorry for the mistake. If you notice any other inconsistencies, please tell me so I can fix it
522 days ago
I have noticed a mistake. Yvonne Anderson cannot be in Jania/Margaret's dorm at the same time as Penelope's. Instead of Yvonne in Penelope's room, I am switching her with Colette Claw (a character who hasn't been mentioned yet in this story)