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MaRiA (Part 3)

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    I've met someone named Glitch. She's a new addition to my family. There are many of us in this family, with powers and multiple personalities. This is where my home is now.

    Gl! tch

    "Hi. I'm Ivy. Who are you?" "I'm Glitch. How long have you been with these people?" "As long as you. Maybe one hour longer." "So you're new, too." "Yeah." "Why did they choose to bring me?" "I have no idea. Maybe the fact you're a cyborg?" "Yeah right. Anything special with you?" Ivy reformed to Maria. "Shape shifter?" "I got merged with my sisters personalities, and more appear all the time. We can snapshift, but so far it's only people. And Jordan is a dog-girl, with dog legs. She's not figured it out yet." "Don't you lose brain space?" "We reform. It's as if we store our brains. We can all hear each others thoughts."


    Glitch stared down. "I have three personalities. Half my brain is cyborg, but actually it's a real brain saved in cyborg form. There was a glitch, making it evil. Sometimes it controls me. That's why I always have these long sleeves or skin sleeves. Those never work, really. And I wear a vitiligo glove on my hand." "Oh. If you don't mind, Rosey, Jordan, Karen, and Jake want to meet you. If you're lucky, you will meet Lana."


    Glitch smiled. "Oh. Ok."

    Rosey took form. what do I do? I accidentally look 7. "stay that way." Ivy thought.

    "I'm Rosey. I'm 8 since two days ago." "Nice to meet you." The others met Glitch.

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1254 days ago
This got published not even 12 hours after it was in not included section omwowomwow
1255 days ago
Thank you so much FadedWalker.
1257 days ago
Nice Story. I Liked It.
1259 days ago
Hope ya absoluteeeeely lobeeeeed it