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The Last Dance

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This story is about what happened to a girl called Cassandra in a kingdom at war. No hate, please.

Cassandra peered anxiously through the round carriage window. She was going to a ball at the castle! She'd never been to any dance before, much less one in the kingdom's own heart.
"Nervous?" Her mother inquired. "You will soon see a dance is nothing to fear."
"I am not afraid," Cassandra lied, "but was seeing if there was anything worth looking at outside." Her mother gave her a stern glance.
"Lies do not become you, Cassandra. I know you." They had grown closer in the three years since her father's death than most people could ever hope to dream of.
"Right you always are, Mother. I do apologize most sincerely."
"I forgive," her mother smiled.
"The Castle Shangburg," the coachman announced. Cassandra and her mother, Charity, stepped out of the carriage. A grand, imposing structure rose out of the ground. Carved of marble, with gates of steel, no country dared go to war with Shangburg. An army of sixteen thousand awaited all who tried.
Other carriages had arrived, and some were still arriving. Men and women in elegant and dashing apparel were everywhere--entering from carriages, crossing the paths, taking walks in the gardens--all of the business overwhelmed Cassandra, who was used to her peaceful home life.
"Come, dear." Charity coaxed Cassandra out of her frozen state. "We must not be late." Cassandra nodded and followed her mother up the famed Hundred Steps to get to the drawbridge. The Hundred Steps were designed to wear out enemy attackers before they ever got near the castle entrance. There were others, too.
Soon they were by the drawbridge. Cassandra's palms were sweaty. Would she make a fool of herself in front of the entire kingdom?

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439 days ago
This part is 4 chapters and I will try VERY hard to make only two more parts to this story
440 days ago
How long is this thing? I'm afraid to start reading...
445 days ago
But not too many more...
445 days ago
Enjoy! There will be more to come!