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Diary of a 5th grade Witch

6 Chapter - 446 Words - Developed by:
- Developed on: - 400 taken-The story is currently being written

This is made for all 5th graders. Please read and comment if I should turn this into a series! qwq

    Lizzy walked across the hallway to ELA Class. She was late, and her ELA Teacher, Ms. Smith, Was as sharp as a tack. “LIZZY HARDENDALE!” scolded Ms. Smith. “Sorry, Lost track of time.” She said. “AGAIN.” Said Ms. Smith. “Detention after school, Young Lady!” Shouted Ms. Smith. She sighed. She sat next to her best friend, Anna. But Then after ELA, In the hallway, The school Bully, Barbara Finch, Made her very angry... And everyone knew she was afraid of snakes. A tear rolled down Lizzy’s cheek, wishing a snake would come up and bite Barbara so she would go away. Then, a snake appeared. It slithered toward Barbara. “RUN!” Shouted Lizzy. Everyone ran outside, even the teachers. “SCHOOL DISMISSED! Shouted the Principal, Mrs. Jude. Lizzy Ran back home. She didn’t have to do detention! Ha! “Lizzy?” Said her mom as she walked in. “Why are you home so quickly?” Asked her mom. “There was a snake in the school. School ended early.” She said as she ran upstairs to her bedroom. Then that night, when her mom tucked her in, there was a storm. She looked out the window. Then with a strike of lightning, a tiny dot appeared. It was coming closer. And closer. And then, she saw it was a witch! But- Her mother had always said they were made up! Welp, Apparently not.

    The witch knocked on her window. She was about 20. She opened her window and the witch flew in. “Girl, Are you Lizzy?” Asked the witch. “Uhhhh- Yea?” She said. “Well, congrats. Your a witch.” Said the witch, Straightening her hat. “Hop on the back of my broom! C'mon, Lizzy!” Said the witch.

    She hopped onto the witches broom. They flew for hours. Then, a castle unfolded behind the clouds. “Wow.” Said Lizzy. She was a real witch!

    The end, sorry I could not do more! Comment if ya want it to be a series!



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792 days ago
I like it, its cool maybe make it a little longer