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A story about a young girl who gets kidnapped in a corn maze. Whispers state that she is not human, and is a telepath. As the Red Flame tries to free her, darkness rises and who knows where she will live- or whether she will survive.

Finally, her father gave in. “It’s just a maze, Daddy!” She had said so many times. “My friends are going to a corn maze and I’ve never been. You try to find your way out, and of course, you stick with your family. I wouldn’t wander off, and it tests our navigation skills! Plus, they’d never let us spend the night there. They will search everywhere, and we won’t get lost! Please, Daddy, I promise.”
Estel’s father had a high fear of getting lost, which included getting trapped in a corn maze. Every time they went to a carnival or even the park she would always have to be within his eyesight. It got constantly annoying.
The next day, they drove to Pumpkin’s Corn Mazes. Estel looked out the sunny window at the rows and rows of tangerine, marigold, russet orange, and pumpkin orange. Some were round like a circle, neatly flat on the bottom and perfectly bump-free, smooth as a pebble you find in your driveway. Others were tall and crooked near the top and bottom, slightly tilting onto the others. Those were mostly covered in small brown and gray bumps, the size of your fingernail if not bigger. Even though it certainly was not pumpkin season, or anywhere close to October, it was February, Estel had wanted to go to a corn maze that bad.
Little hearts were pinned on the entryway to the corn maze. Imagine trying to find your way out with your boyfriend, Estel thought. Her dad nervously bit his nail, a bad habit of his, and stared, frightened, at the entry. “Dad,” she reassured, “Nobody is here. It’s alright. We can enter,”
At first, they were navigating the maze very easily, and her dad relaxed. But after 3 or 4 wrong turns, the clouds began to get darker and the sun was lowering. Estel checked her watch. 5:00. Had they really stayed that long? I guess we went on the rides and listened to the band for a long time, she thought to herself.
The green walls of the maze stretched high and blocked any chance of seeing a way out. The thick husks of the corn, bumblebee yellow and occasionally ripe and ready, blocked peering through the weeds. Anyways, part of the fun was finding your way out, they reminded each other.
“Estel, I’m afraid we’re lost,” her dad said, giving up hope already. “We’re horrible navigators and the sky is getting darker. I’ll go ahead and find a person to help. Stay right there, seriously. No wandering off.”
But what did you think Estel did? Well, it only made sense if she wandered off. The spot she was under a huge dark cloud, so she huddled under some oak trees by the tallest part of the corn. The breeze ruffled her hair and chilled her skin. Her teeth chattered miserably.
Suddenly, she heard a rustling nearby, close to the oak. She whirled around to see a black coat peeking out of the corn. She tugged on it a little, being naturally curious, and a hooded figure in a long coat with a mask turned around and entered five more with black cloaks and a hooded face. She tried to scream but they closed her mouth shut.

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499 days ago
aww man, i read it all. is there more to it? it's very interesting and original, i love it :)
499 days ago
part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!