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The Raven of Truth I - Undercover

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This is a story about a 15-year-old girl, Winter (born on 2007-12-17) going undercover as a plain citizen. Inside, her dragon half writhes and pleads to explore the rest. She found her colliding destiny - Coyote - when she was ten.

The Ravens of Truth 1
I’m Winter. Winter Sapphira Raven.

Weirdo is the word that lies in my life, for I cannot get rid of this despicable word. Who brought me that nasty nickname? Mother - which often results in the want to express the hate for her in her face. Many blame me for “not being grateful” for her giving me life. My only hate of this innocent woman is that she took dragons as a kind of “amazing pet” which humans are strictly forbidden to do so. You should understand - I don't hate her - but simply, I wanted to show her how her regret of communicating with dragons and learning their language should be extravagantly massive.
My birth seemed to stump the entire dragon world. I was the only half-dragon though my Mother married to a normal human. But the dragon cells and power on her were too strong - too powerful to get rid of simply by a marriage with a normal, lame human. And there I was. The first soft blue dragon wing the dragons had ever seen. The only closest color that they’ve seen was an elder dragon named “Snowfrost” - a simple sea blue that was not as pastel as the one lying in front of them.
Because of this, I was banished from their world shortly after I could speak. The stupid reason they did this is because I am half-human, and the dragon part didn’t even come from a true dragon. I didn’t care, of course - who cares? I would rather hide my dragon half deep in me compared to staying in a world of ignorant dragons who wouldn’t will to use their life wisely as they could’ve simply using camouflage (close to invisibility because it is very strong) and flew out of their haven.
More than anything I despise in their world is that they do not know how to write. They can only use their magic to form abstract letters with ink and press them onto parchment, which is a messy and time-wasting process. This also took lots of ink to form a good, legible letter and usually were giant because that would make them easier to make. Before I was banished from this boring, uncivilized world, I took a scroll of parchment that belonged to my deceased ancestors that were solving this map and kept it in my backpack. That was the only futile will of keeping some small part of the culture-less haven built by the dragons - but the parchment wasn’t empty. It had gray, fading but legible ink on it - it seems like that some dragon drew a map of a sacred building on it. On the cords it wrote “113344114244241311”. I knew how to solve this long ago for that I had a notebook in which I wrote all of the secret languages.
How to solve this? It’s pretty easy. This is a sacred secret language. I broke this up to “11 33 44 11 42 44 24 13 11”. This type of password is the checkerboard password - one of the first passwords invented. 11 is A, so there are three A’s in this word. 33 is N, 44 is T, 42 is R, 24 can either be I or J and 13 stands for C.
Now all the solving is done, if we put them together it spells “Antarctica”. The 24 cannot be J as it needs a vowel between the letters. But there is almost no way to get to Antarctica only if I turn into a full dragon - but if I accidentally fly towards an airplane of a drone in recording, then it will be an absolute disaster and everyone will find out about me.
But one thing that I didn’t notice at first was that the map’s line were straight and thin - dragons could never do this. So, I’m supposing they caught humans and enslaved the humans.
This leads to a possible statement that they’ve already met humans and enslaved them long before. That led me wondering that if they already knew humans why would they still show such loathe to a half-dragon? In this situation, everything was chaos and must be unpredictable. I seemed to lose it all, all of my clues.
Maybe I was too ignorant just then. If they were acceptable of humans they wouldn’t enslave them, so perhaps they really did hate us. At least - that’s what I thought. But one more major problem lies in my path to exploring this sacred structure of building. Is it really in Antarctica, or is it simply just a trick for me to waste my time?
I quickly ran my fingers along the parchment. This parchment was different from the other olden ones - this felt more rough and thicker than the other parchments. I tried scraping it. Then a small row of letters and words caught my eye:
“Heir Sheet NRE-4726 made in Aqua Year June 19 years 12.”
I was genuinely surprised that this was actually the missing and long-lost NRE-4726 parchment. Only 10 customs of those parchments were made, and they together make a map of a sacred prison for the “undiscovered” species that happened to “invade” into their haven. This date explains the specific time that this was customized for a customer. The Heir Sheet company is a well-known parchment company that sells parchment at low prices. NRE-4726 is a special size and type of parchment. NRE means No Remaining Extras which that this was strictly limited and after customized, nobody can ask for this type again. This is the 4720th NDE series, so they start with “4721” to “4730”. This was 4726 which was another long-lost piece. This piece was the most important and informative of all.
And the Aqua year. Dragons mark every year with the following colors: Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Indigo, Purple, Black, White and Brown. The Aqua year isn’t an official year - and of course, it was never in the history of Dragons. The Aqua year comes in whenever on the first day of a new year (the 300th day of each year, their time is different) a legend of either tribe is born. Though some may call it the cursed year, the Aqua year is mostly considered a gift of god to the tribe. Any year can be the Aqua year as long as citizens of it agree that it is a legendary. The dragonet of a legendary may be the new legend for a new life. However, things may occur as DNA changes and that will cause a dragonet of the casuals to be a legendary. They just test it out at home when it just hatched.
The most widely used and general standard for a legend that it seems to have mind-reading skills. Every time when a dragon cub is born, their mother thinks positive about them and sees if they tilt their head and blink at you. If so, then they must test their powers and try to infuriate them and see if their power releases instantly. If not, then it is a normal dragon. If it does consider as a legendary, then report it to the uncivilized government.
Yet, neither creature doesn’t know why they're always are legends - outstanding legends every 50 years. Many don't live to see the legends gently come to Earth and do hope that they get the opportunity to do so.
Now the only thing I needed to do is go undercover as someone named “Venus Celeste Ceres” and use my dragon half to sneak into the lame yet highly praised haven of them.

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Love the story! It’s really good
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