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The Commander Of Wishes

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    Long ago, in the 18th century of England, a group of three young girls had discovered a large white book that contained a sequence of wishes written inside. The girls had no idea what to do with the book so they decided to abandon it. The book was thrown into a river, the pages that were written on became blank again..

    About a century later in the year 1990 the book was discovered next to a tree in the woods by a 10 year old girl named Sarah. This book had no inscription on the front, side nor the back. The young girl flicked through the pages to see if anything had been written inside, but she found nothing. Sarah's father called on her to get ready to go home. Her father and herself approached a blue convertible car and had driven back home. As they walked into the building, Sarah gave her father a kiss on the cheek and walked up to her bedroom, she was able to sneak the book that she found in here pink fluffy little handbag without her father being aware of it. That evening just before going to sleep, Sarah's father was finishing off reading her favorite story book and also worked like a charm getting her to sleep. He then tucked her up in bed, put out her light and gave a small laugh. "Goodnight sweetheart." he said. A long wide yawn came out of Sarah as she said, "goodnight..daddy, love you." Her father then walked out the room, gently closing the bedroom door. In the morning, Sarah woke up with a heavy amount of energy and stormed into her father's bedroom. She shouted, "daddy! daddy! wake up daddy!" No reply came from Sarah's father, she checked to see if he was still breathing, but he laid there in bed stone cold and wasn't making any movements. Sarah gave a puzzled stare at her father, and when she realized he wasn't responding, she went straight over to the neighbors next door. The neighbors went back to the house with Sarah immediately, sadly her father died in his sleep and so she was taken into a care home.
    A funreal was arranged 3 weeks later. There was not one person there who couldn'thelp but cry, Sarah's father was a well-known man who many people admired and loved. Sarah managed to hold back her tears long enough to announce a speech especially for her father. She had reached so many lines, and stopped in the middle of a sentence, but could read no further. One of the care workers put her arm round Sarah for support. When the funeral was over, and Sarah was taken back to the care home, she bared in mind of the mysterious book she found back in the woods. She wondered where its origin may have come from, or how it ended up abandoned, but there was plenty of time to worry about it, it wasn't as though she had any particular plans in using the book at this present time, but she still wanted to keep it, incase it came in handy. The thought of the book remained in Sarah's mind through-out the entire journey back home. Eventually they returned safely back to the care home, the fellow children in care felt significant sympathy for Sarah, but it made no difference to her, she had loved her father so much, and could remember the best of days she had spent with him. Anyhow, she still remained strong and positive. Later that day, a solicitor who worked in the foster business went through some documents that contained details about Sarah's father. The solicitor discovered that Sarah's father had a brother whose name was Rodney Martin. It became a slight shock, not many people knew about Rodney.

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