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Karrie's wish

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Karrie has one wish- to get her mommy and daddy to stop fighting. Will Karrie's wish come true- or will it end in divorce?

    7 year old Karrie watched her mom and dad yelling viciously at each other. It wasn't always like this. One time, when Karrie was only 5, her parents loved each other. Not anymore. Lisa and David, Karrie's parents, would always scream at each other. As Karrie watched her parents very frightened, she wrote in her journal: December 10th I wish mommy and daddy didn't fight. It's loud and scary. I wish that could be happy again. By Christmas I want them to give each other presents.
    Karrie's wish sounded very unreal for Karrie and her friends. But Karrie's spirit was strong and she would not give up. Karrie's friend Rosemary said "your mommy and daddy are gonna get divorced. That means they'll leave each other and you'll never see your daddy again. Well, you'll only see him on weekends." Rosemary's parents had divorced when Rosemary was only 2 and a half. She knew all about it. But Karrie knew her mommy and daddy would not get divorced.

    On the day before Christmas eve, Karrie took some advice from Rosemary. Rosemary said "when I give the sad puppy look, mommy always let's me visit daddy." so Karrie gave a sad puppy dog face and sweetly asked, "are you and daddy gonna divorce?" Lisa said "not in a million years." Lisa read Karrie's journal, and knew that her daughter's happiness was worth working things out with David. Now Lisa and David love each other, and it was all because of Karrie's wish. The end!

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