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When Tara Cottonwood goes camping for the weekend and hears about a mountain lion in the area, she determined to find out more. And Tara doesn't give up easily.

    “Come on, Tara, get in the car! We want a good tenting spot!” Our family was going camping at High Tails State Park for a weekend.

    “Just a minute, Dad! I'm not quite packed up yet!”
    I'm an over-thinker as my parents say. So of course I couldn't go anywhere without a flashlight, a hammer, a pencil, a notebook, and a freshly wrapped granola bar. it was all carried in an old, red, toolbox. I made a mental note to get a new tool box soon.
    I did a quick check around my room to make sure I didn't miss anything. Dresser? Check. Closet? Check. Desk? Check. Bed? Check. I was ready to go.
    “Tara!” I grabbed my toolbox and rushed out my door, down the stairs, and into the car.
    About halfway to High Tails, I realized I forgot something. “My camera!” I screeched. You never know when you could snap something worth remembering.
    “We can't go back home. I'm sorry.” This was devastating. I have never been on one camping trip and NOT had my camera.
    “Dad! Please turn around! I need my camera! What if I see something amazing? Or rare?”
    Mom and Dad glanced at each other. Finally, they said, “We can get you a disposable camera.” I looked at them, took a deep breath, and shrugged the disappointment off. “Fine.”
    We pulled into High Tails just as my patience was wearing off with my older sister, Emmi, and younger sister, Bella. Emmi was texting non-stop, and Bella was singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” at the top of her lungs. I wasn't sure I could survive in the car with Bella much longer.
    Dad got out of the car to get a park map.
    “The park has fifteen open tenting spots. Tara, your pick.” he said. There were only three spots that actually seemed nice to me, so I ended up picking on farther away from, well, everything. There was a big forest behind it, and it looked like a great place for adventure. And my toolbox. When we finally pulled into the parking spot, I was really on wit's end with Bella. "Will you just be quiet!" I screamed.
    I raced out of the car, heading toward the forest with my toolbox.
    **************************************** ************************************************** **************
    In the forest there was a, really, really, big tree. There was also a hill and at the bottom, a beautiful waterfall. I grabbed a piece of paper from my toolbox (told you it would come in handy), and started to draw a map of the place. I was lucky to have my toolbox with me, because at the bottom of the hill I found another big tree that someone had made into a house, but without a roof. I found some nails here and there, so I nailed those into the tree to hold the branches into place. I pulled some more branches on top of the tree hut to be a roof, and then I could finally relax in shade, peace, and qui-
    "Tara! Mom and Dad sent me to look for you! We need help setting up! Bella stopped singing! That means it’s safe!" I could hear Emmi's voice yelling over the sound of sweet, sweet nature. My hut was amazing, if I do say so myself, so I didn't feel like leaving it quite yet. But I didn't mind sharing it.
    "Emmi! Come see what I built!" I called, stepping out of my hut. Emmi came down the hill and looked at the hut.
    "You built that!" She sounded surprised. She knows about my crazy building skills! Why is she surprised?
    I tried to explain that part of the hut was already there, but I got cut off by a little voice singing, "And the trees are BIG! And the bushes are small. And I am walking, walking, walking through it all!" Bella.
    I started walking up the hill. Not again, I thought. It was getting pretty dark out, so I walked a little faster, with Emmi and Bella not too far behind.
    I could smell hot dogs roasting on the fire. There were crackles from other peoples' fires, and the smell of smoke hovered in the air.
    "Well there she is! What have you been doing?" My dad asked.
    "Oh, just building a tree fort next to a raging waterfall. And sorry." Just then, Emmi and Bella came out of the trees.
    "The fort is AWESOME!" Bella screeched.
    "I guess we could go on a family hike and check it out tomorrow." My mom suggested. I nodded, considering it.
    We all sat around the fire after dinner and ate hot dogs and roasted marshmallows. We heard owls hooting in the distance. The forest was dark and eerie at this time of night. Lights turned off and soon it became quiet.

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