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Dark Moon Part 1

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6 Chapter - 396 Words - Developed by:
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Amy and Joe are in a world where everything is not what it seems. The world has plunged into chaos and they must survive.

    Amy and Joe are walking through the forest. Amy says, " I love the forest. It's so peaceful right Joe?". Joe smirks, "Yeah, I just hate how it looks really eerie,". Amy looks around. Something shifts in the grass. "You hear that?" She said. "Yeah" said Joe.

    They walk up to the rustling. Unsure of what they'll find. It was a simple deer. " See Joe! Nothing to be scared of". That moment something came up to them. A man with tattered clothing stumbled towards them. He was growling at them. Amy ran and left Joe.

    Immediately Joe questioned the man. "Hey man? You okay? You look like you got attacked by a bear!" The man leaned on him and pulled his shirt. "The forest!" he cried "Don't go in Dark Moon Forest!". He fainted. Joe pushed him off. "Oh no" Joe said. "That was where Amy was running!"

    Joe rushed to the forest. A voice kept saying "NO NO NO NO!" He kept going. Amy on the other hand was not doing good. She was cold and shivering. And all she had was a simple baton. Night had fallen and something or rather someone came out of the woods.

    Amy then realized that man had a gun. She got up from her position when the man got pulled to the trees. Then she walked up to where he got pulled. There she saw it. There she saw what the world would be plunged into one day.

    Thanks for reading part 1 of my story! If we get it to
    3-5 stars I'll make the 2nd part! Have fun on that cliffhanger! >: D

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