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    Hello, my name is shanoganiqua, yes you guessed it I'm black. But should the colour of my skin determined whether you’re going to carry on reading my story. It shouldn't but sometimes it does, I'm not just relating to this story I wrote in ten minutes but to life in general. Why should the colour of my skin, or anyone's skin / religion / sexuality prevent them from doing what they want. Why can't people just accept others for who they are because we can't change it. It's not us who's the problem it the racists and homophobes who are. When I ask people if they have ever made a racist or homophobic joke or negative comment about us, they deny it. Saying the thing is bad enough but listening to and doing nothing about it is worse. If you have read to this part of the 'story' then thank you ... You are obviously supportive of people from different race and religions. These bad things happen in the world, people get denied jobs because of the way they look. People get ignored because they are black but I say no, no more of this. This shit has to stop because we are all equal God or whoever you believe in, if anyone didn't make us to walk the earth in hatred of each other so why do we do it. I hope this has inspired you to stand up to racism and homophobia because it's needs to be done. If everyone stands up and acts now then we can stop these people before even more of us get bullied or denied by the rest of society just because of the way we look. Thank you

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