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On Mamoswine Road

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Calem and Serena are both on the frigid path of Mamoswine Road, will they make it?

    "By Mew, it's freezing" said Serena as she and Calem made their way down the icy and frozen road. "You could probably give Moltres the sniffles out here" she joked.
    "Very funny," said Calem, coming up behind her and pulling out a Dusk Ball. "Wanna test that theory" they both giggled.
    "Yeah, I- WOAH!" she suddenly yelled as she saw a snow storm in the distance, rapidly approaching them. No sooner had Serena seen it than it hit them, sending tons of snowing flying past and instantly causing the temperature to drop. Causing the two to wrap arms around themselves. However, Serena, not having a jacket like Calem, couldn't last as long, in fact, it hadn't been 2 freezing minutes into the storm, she started staggering. When Calem saw how she staggered, hedidn't hesitate to remove his jacket and drape it over her. She looked up at him, slightly surprised, but not long after, she started walking again.
    That's when she heard it
    She whirled around to see her rival passed out in the snow. Immediately, she ran over as fast as the storm would allow her to. She fell to her knees beside him.
    "Calem! Calem!" She yelled over the howling winds "C-CALEM!" She shouted, almost crying. Then she spotted a cave near where they were, the honey-haired girl, now crying, dragged Calem inside. The cave led to a well-sized open area. She layed him down and took off the jacket as fast she could, immediately taking off Calem's jacket and putting it on him. She then put her head on the freezing boy's chest, hoping to feel some form of breath from him, feeling none, she began crying harder than ever.
    "N-N-NNOO! CALEM, NOO!" And so it went on until she fell asleep.
    ----------------------------------------- -----------------------
    It took some time later for Calem to wake up. He sat up, noticing that he was wearing his jacket again and also noticing that he was in a cave and Serena was curled up next to him with puffy, red eyes. It didn't take long for him to put two and two together and realize what happened.
    "Thank you, Serena" he whispered, giving his neighbor a light kiss on the cheek. Feeling that she was as cold as ice. He started unzipping his jacket when, out of nowhere, Serena put's a finger on the zipper.
    "Leave it on egg-head, now get down here, I'm not threw with you yet." And suddenly, she grabbed Calem by the front of the jacket and tugged him down to her, planting long, deep kiss on his lips.
    Well I'll just leave the rest of this story to you, let's just say, when the storm subsided they exited the cave hand in hand😉

    ------------------------Author's Note-----------------------------
    Sorry it's so short, this is my first story, I hope you like it! Please tell anything I should fix!

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