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Tiffy is searching in the woods for flowers. She steps into an unknown clearing and...

    Tiffy Quake steps into the trees. A cool spring breeze greets her. She sees some beautiful Violets and goes to pick them. Tiffy thinks, 'I hope Link and Navi don't knock these.... they're so pretty.' As soon as she steps closer, She is sucked into the air! "AAH! What's happening! RED! Help!"

    By the time Red got outside, Tiffy was gone. Tiffy was actually transported to Texas! She landed in the middle of the desert. "Oww..." She whined. "Where am I? Wait, Wow am I in Texas? This is really weird!" Tiffy sees the outline of a shack in the distance. "I should check this out.." Tiffy says.

    As Tiffy gets closer, she sees it's actually really small. "Great. Just great. I'm stuck in the sweltering desert with nothing but a STUPID cactus!" Just a moment later, a head pops out of the shack. It's not human. "AHHHH!" Screams Tiffy. Find out more in Tiffy 2!

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