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Gemma's story

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Gemma is a ten year old girl. She lives a normal life, full of surprises. She makes her own book, tells her sister about chrysalises, wins Smartest Kid in the School award and lots more.
But I won't tell you any more, otherwise it will spoil the story.
This story is not finished, sorry!

Chapter one
Diana’s complaint
It was one of those days when my brother Seamus was doing flips out on the trampoline. I watched as he landed perfectly. I kept thinking that one of these days he would injure himself. “Gemma, Seamus, time for school!” Mother called from the house. I trudged back inside. Mother handed me my bag and kissed me and Seamus goodbye. “Have a good first day back!” Mother said to us. My sister Diana was crying. “I want to go too!” she sobbed. “Mummy pleeeease!” she begged “No sweetheart, you’re not five yet” Mother said, trying to calm my sister down. But she was building up quite a fuss. “Gemma and Seamus go, why can’t I?” Diana whimpered “Gemma is ten and Seamus is seven, you’re only four” Mother tried to explain. But that just made my little sister cry even harder. I decided that now would be time for me and Seamus to go. I beckoned to Seamus. We left the house and stood at our bus stop, waiting for the bright yellow school bus to pick us up.

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