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Our celebration of National Day 2015

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This story is about how we celebrated National Day, have fun!

    We celebrated the National Day at the 17th of December which is 1 day before the official National Day, when everyone came we sat for a little then all the kids stood in front and one held the flag, then we sang the National Anthem, and after the host, that I call M called out numbers for the game, they played the words game, when there's 2 teams, and each person has a letter and then M shouts a words and they have to like write it I guess, and the first to writes it gets a point, but always like every single time they play it they HAVE to fight about who got the point, even if there are witnesses sometimes things get BAD like 3 say the maroon team one and maybe 2 say the white team one and then they start shouting and fighting and then everyone gets mad and wants to quit the game. Anyway when they played this game the maroon team won I guess. Then they played another game where there was a basket in it clothes and like a little far there is 2 hangers, and then they have to take 1 clothes each run and put it on the hanger, and in this game player (Anna) did a mistake and then player (Jamol) thought it was ok to cheat and player(Jamol) took a bunch of clothes in one run, and when the game finished player (Anna) was upset because Jamol cheated, but then to make it fair the hosts gave everyone a gift. Then it was turn for the kids to play, they played a game, 1 stood in front and one in the back, the one in the back had to put hairclips in the fronts hair, and the one with the most clips clips or the first to finish wins, in this game Morkan and Freha won. Then there was a dancing thingy and after that we ate dinner, when we finished dinner most people left and our close family members stayed, I had so much fun on that day and I thank the host, I also want to thank Lanluw, Ashaw, and the most thanks for making this day a joy for me, special thanks to Monai, Mishi. Thanks for reading my story I hope you liked it, your writer Masy

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