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Chapter 1

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Chapter 1
My name is Genevieve Long(shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes) and I am NOT ok. I’m 16 years old. And I just got the worst news of my life: I’m moving. To Cali. I can’t wanna move, and leave my best friend Kaylee(light brown hair, brown eyes) behind! Oh no. The moving truck just pulled in our driveway.
“G! COME HELP US LOAD THE TRUCK!” My annoying mother yelled.
I live with my mom(brown hair, brown eyes), dad(brown hair, brown eyes) and grandpa(brown eyes, gray hair) and my sister 14 year old sister Kathleen(blond hair, green eyes). Now I know you must be thinking, “Why are you dad and grandpa black?” I’m mixed. I know I look white, but I’m really mixed. Anyway, the reason I live with my grandpa, is because when my grandpa lost my grandma, he was really depressed, so my dad invited him to live with us, and ever since then, it’s been great! Grandpa is a really laid back and fun person, so it’s cool to have him around.
When I got outside, I saw Kaylee was there.
“Hi G!” Kaylee said with tears filling her eyes.
“Come here!” I said as I pulled her into a hug.
“Please don’t leave.”
“You know I don’t want to, but for some unknown reason we are!” I said while looking over at my mom.
“I told you a million times! We can’t afford this house anymore! It would be better to go live with Aunt Mary in cali.”
“She can’t feed all of us!” I protested.
“She’s gone try.”
Kaylee pulled me into one more hug.
“I’m gonna miss you.”
“I’ll miss you more. Text me everyday.”
“I promise.” She sniffed. “Bye G.”
“Bye Kaylee.” I sniffed as we got in the car and followed the truck to the airport. I waved until I couldn’t even see Kaylee anymore.
“What’s your problem?” My sister said like I was annoying her.
“I lost my bff. Not like you’d know anything about that though.”
“That’s it!” Kathleen said as we started fighting.
“Girls! I promise if you’re good the whole ride to the airport, I’ll save you some off my chocolate bar!” Grandpa bribed and we immediately stopped.
“I’m gonna get that candy first!” Kathleen snarled.
“We’ll see.”

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