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The Forest

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This is my favorite story I ever wrote.

    Up and over the big gap in the trees, the sun was shining over the small country town up in the mountains. Hayley slept in her bed as her clock rang loudly. She opened her eyes and turned the clock off. She slowly got out of her bed and walked out of the room, half sleepwalking. Her older brother Henry was already making breakfast. He was going to the Market after to pick up some extra things. Hayley was invited to come with him. "Yum my favorite Apple Snacks?" Hayley asked her brother pouring the milk into her bowl. "Yeah but, it's mostly for me" Henry joked, they laughed. Before Hayley even took one bite into her cereal, DING! The fire alarm went off waking up the kids' parents. Hayley held Henry's hand as they ran out of the home. It woke the town up except for the villain who started the alarm. The fire was unable to be seen by Hayley but then got noticeable. Her father ran to the fire department and got a fire extinguisher. Finally the small fire was out. Everyone was relieved. The family hugged Jason, the father who put the fire out. It was an unforgettable scene. Hayley rushed inside to see if any of her belongings were hurt and it looked like they were okay. The only thing that needed to be replaced were some walls and a bit of the roof. It wasn't that much but it wasn't very good. Hayley was thinking about who had done it. The police were already on the case. A few minutes after the fire, Henry and Hayley hurried to the store for some supplies. Everybody asked for their autograph since that was the first surprise fire in a LONG time. Only one person didn't ask. He looked at the kids in a suspicious way. The kids finally knew who it was....

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9 days ago
Oooh bone chilling heartwarming and vivid? This is sooo good! I'm longing for more!