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My short stories

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Just some short stories I wrote when I was bored. *Warning though; some of these are kinda scary and disturbing, if that's what you wanna call it.*

Story 1:
It was a warm day. No more than 70 degrees. Up, Down, Left, and Right were walking down an old, barren road. It was lined with rocks and soil from early farms that were washed away. Up was jumping up and down. Down was slouching and trudging behind left and right who were walking normally. "Guys!" Up shouted impatiently, "You’re going quite slow, eh!" He had a bit of a British accent. That was where he was from. Down was from Australia. Left was from Norway and Right was American. "Slow down, mate!" Down yelled from far behind, "Don't you think your goin' a bit quick?" "No!" Up yelled back, stopping to face him, "I'm going MY pace and I like it!" "Will you two just stop fighting?" Right interrupted. "Who let those two even LOOK at each other?" Left shouted with a stressed tone.

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619 days ago
These stories are cool! I like them.If you want to,Keep doing it and don’t let anyone stop you!!!
1050 days ago
Don’t take any offence from the’ these are pretty boring’ THEY ARE NOT ! I love them.
1229 days ago
uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm.......... ................. YOLO!!!!
1474 days ago
BTW, These are just samples. I'm working on a seperate story that I'll post when I finish it. :3
1488 days ago
Sorry mate but this is Bo-ring. :(
But I bet that with a bit of practice your short stories will be pur-fect!!!
1490 days ago
These are pretty interesting. You did a nice job!