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A Vine, A Vocano, A Quest

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68o The temprecher is steadily rising. In Bolanda, a place where all is the same, three girls are to begin a wonderful adventure. Everything is all same. Even the colors. The same dull brownish-red color. No plants, no difference just sameness.

Smoke. More smoke. The SOGOB is going to launch a new spacecraft traveling at light speed.
They looked up wondering what could be up there. Only the selected could have a pass to the unknown.
“A vine!” Mona shouted. It was so rare to see any kind of living thing. The girls were playing in the park. Or, what’s left of it. “How did it...” Her voice trailed off. They edged towards it. In an instant it sprouted more than a meter.
“Halo, do you know anything about this?” Amity whispered.
“I think I’ve read about it somewhere... It must be a sign. But it couldn't be true. It was just- ju- just a fairytale.”
“Let’s follow it and see what happens,” Amity suggested. And so they set of.

They followed the vine for what seemed like hours to a volcano. THE Volcano. THE Volcano that changed everything. It was a huge volcano. It’s peak submerged in the smoke. They felt the aggressive, chaotic vibration of the dangerous volcano.
All of a sudden, it stopped growing. They looked around and saw nothing except the endless numbers of identical houses in the dusty world. They found a big, heavy rock that was somewhat shaped like a diamond and was going to take a rest. When they barely touched the rock it shook violently, then shattered into microscopic pieces until all that was left was a giant, red, glowing diamond. Stuck to the ground.

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1452 days ago
That’s a really good story!!!