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Futuristic Hope: A KotLC FanFiction

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A new Neverseen has arisen and the children of our favorite characters must put an end to the wickedness.

Hello AllTheTests people! This is inspired and based off a Roleplay I did on the forums of the KotLC wiki. If you would like to go read the actual Roleplay, it's under KotLC Roleplay and KotLC Roleplay: Continuation 1. Enjoy!


(Biana twirled in her wonderful dress. Today was her wedding day, and she could not contain her excitement. She looked over at her maid of honor. "Do you think this is a bad decision?" Sophie shook her head no and began to ramble about how she couldn't imagine anyone better. Biana smiled, thinking about how Sophie could spend hours talking about the same subject. Finally, Biana heard the cue of the bridesmaids and the two girls rushed out excitedly. Biana watched as Marella and Tam walked out together, followed by Linh and Fitz, and finally Sophie and Keefe. Biana took her father's arm and they walked out. Biana found herself unable to meet her future husband's gaze. Instead, she scanned the audience. She saw Della, Grady, Edaline, Lady Cadence, and Mr. Forkle. Biana then realized that with her next step, she'd be on the podium. She looked up, and saw her favorite dimples.)

Laney laid on her bed, gazing at her parents' wedding pictures. She wondered how they had to guts, especially with Dex's lifelong bullying, to be a bad match. She started to think about how Foxfire was starting tomorrow. She tried to ignore how inconsistent her friends were. She knew that this year would be different...

Laney glanced at her scrapbook and smiled, suddenly feeling a rush of emotions. Everytime she completed the scrapbook, she tore out every picture and burned it because of traitorous and fake friends that ruined the memories. But she somehow knew that this year was different. It was her fresh start.

Thank you for reading! If you'd like to see the original piece, it is on the Short Stories and FanFics Board on the KotLC wiki's forums. Have a great day and wish to be an elf!


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105 days ago
Woh! This is amazing! I looooove it! Go Sokeefe!
271 days ago
nice! Write more! need to know about Laney's adventure
455 days ago
So amazing! Please wright more like this!!!
580 days ago
I really liked it!!! Write more!!!
1015 days ago
luv this, knew that Biana liked Dex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1027 days ago
Yasss I love this:):):):):):):):
1081 days ago
By the way, I'm sophitz
1081 days ago
Great one! Make a series plsssss
1091 days ago
I love this!!! It’s so awesome can you write more?
1218 days ago
I love it!!!!!! I wish I could write like that.
1219 days ago
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I love dizznacker that is amazing I'm gonna cry.
1925 days ago
Amazing story! 10 out of 10!