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Don't You Get It?

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A slightly humorous and strange story that will either make you think "What…?" OR "That is so funny!" This story will be all nonsense so be prepared.
**This Story will be told in 2 chapters**

A young girl named Connie Beverly, age 12 started to play with a few blocks in the woods.
"This block is crazy," she said, putting down an all blue block. "And this block is smart." This time a green block.
"This block is stupid." An orange block.
"This block is calm." Yellow.
"This one needs help." Black.
"This one gives help." Purple.
"But they all have one thing in common," Connie stated. "They have the same shape and they are the same size."
Connie paused.
"Just like women in Hollywood," she then added.

**This was not made to offend people in Hollywood**

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1273 days ago
I'm the only corny one here, so of course I found this hilarious...
1276 days ago
I like it! Good story
1286 days ago
1309 days ago
This is good! Thank you for writing 😀
1377 days ago
Hello!MysteryStoryTeller here (the creator of this story) and I want to say that I have now done part 2 of this story called A Strange Mind. It might not be up in a few days at this time but just in case you may look it up. Have a nice day!
1441 days ago
1467 days ago
Why is this so amazing.....
Love it
1479 days ago
Omgggggg, I LOVEEEE THISSSS SO MUCH, this just made my day, great stories!
1479 days ago
I really like this. It's deep and meaningful and it's something people don't realise! Great story!!
1483 days ago
Wow. That was pretty good!