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Rich Problems [Spoiled Story]

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This will get more chapters soon:)

    Chapter 1

    My Daily Life

    I'm Layla, a woman in university. I guess I'm a little spoiled, but not a lot! Like, I only have 100 bracelets and 150 super-duper expensive necklaces, and there not THAT expensive.

    Anyways, I study for veterinary? Is that how you spell it? Uh, veterinary work. Yeah, I never get successful, because I stress a lot. My mom shouts at me a lot too. She says things like how I'm the loser in the family or something. Hahaha, I don't agree. All she needs to blather about is how much of a life-changing brat I am.

    Anyways, the day would start off with me waking up. Then I'd probably wear a dress with high heels and a luxe, leather jacket. Y'know, all the rich stuff. Then all the jealous people would try to rip my jacket. Mom slaps 'em in the face. Oh, yeah, forgot to mention we're all really fit.

    Then I'd rush to my... vet work? Yeah, veterinary work. Then they'd all say something like:

    'Ok she needs treatment otherwise she dies.'

    I am in the good place in the charts of veterinary work...

    If the world treated me fair, I'd be in the elderly age, where you die.

    Chapter 2

    Bob and The Handlebar

    Oh, I forgot to say about my friends.

    First there's Danya, another gold digger. Not that I am. Never found love, never gotten love. But then there’s her brother...


    Bob Horris Handleshark. That's what the family calls him. He is supposed to be like a little kid like the one I'm reading in my book, which is supposed to be about a gang and wax and all the good stuff.

    And then there is Yana.

    Yana Blacker Tame Shotter Balongo.

    Why is she called that? She kills literal gangsters. With guns. And lions. Wait, AND axes. Here’s a key:

    Guns: Shotter

    Lions: Tame

    Axes: Blacker

    What a coincidence.

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829 days ago
s u r e that would be great. will you make a post about it?
829 days ago
anyway im lookin for steven universe rp partners wanna join ;-;
829 days ago
PFFFT XD that's so funny I swear to god if this doesn't blow up I will kill myself
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