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The End

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The End is a story with 3 people's perspectives or point of view (p.o.v). Brace Alice Rasshi, clever Daniel Reid, and ever so great Sarah Darnger. Chapters have 3 p.o.v's, or every character's view. Chapter 1 is a backstory for each person. Hope you enjoy, Noir Spitfire

15 years ago

I was screaming my head off. I was just birthed and I was having a great daydream. Rude. On the bright side, I can punish these people by shrieking. I was settling down when,
someone knocked on the hospital room door. Then again, but more like pounding.
Somebody yelled,
A nurse hurried to the door, opened it and asked,
"May I help you?"
To which someone replied by shoving her to the side and snatched me up. Their partner smashed the window, and shot a grapple gun to a nearby building. She then took a zipline hook and put it on the line of strong wire.
"Off we go, partner? Cause I think we've been reported."
The male nodded, hefted me, and ziplined to the nearby building. They then took an elevator to the first floor and got in a sedan and drove off into the city, while I was laughing with joy.
15 years later
"Happy Birthday, Alice!"
Mom and dad cried. I smiled. I made a wish and blew out the candles.
I couldn't remember the first few moments after I was born. It was a good thing I didn't.

Present time
"Honey, please go get the milk from the basement freezer."
Mom said. I nodded. I trudged down the stairs. Some idiot had decided to make the basement real far down from the surface.
"And get some extra forks too, please!"
Mom added. I sighed. Mom wasn't organized. I decided to do the milk last. As I searched the basement drawers for forks, I opened a cabinet filled with a shrine to...an unknown twin? There were pictures of a kid my age, so the pictures were recent, and the scary fact was he was almost the same. The difference was that he had freckles. I got the milk, found the forks and brought up a picture or two upstairs.
My voice quavered. I was nervous about how she would react to my findings.
"Mom? I-I found the-these pictures d-downstairs. I, uh, want to, um, know what they are."
Mom looks over and sighed.
"I swapped babies with another mother when you were born. Because your real mother saw the future and saw that you had a big role to play. But you wouldn't be able to play that role if you stayed with your real mom. I missed my real child, but I still love you as if you were my own. But before me and the other mom went our ways, she told me 15 years from then, I would have to let you roam the world. You must leave the nest."
I looked at my "mom" and nodded.
"I'll be leaving now, to fulfill my destiny."
With that, I hugged "mom" and left.

Present time
I looked over at Sadie, who was also an orphan. She was doodling in her book, while I was nervously chewing my nails. Someone had asked to meet me today. Just then the intercom asked for me to report to the office. I walked into the office and sat in a room with the outsiders.
"We have decided to adopt you. Once we reach our destination, run north. Don't stop until you see a signpost acknowledging a different town. But you must know this. I am one of the scientists that made you. Yes, we decided after being able to clone cats, we could do so to humans. So when someone died, we took a sample of their DNA and cloned them. We used growth hormones to boost your growth. Now, come along."
An outsider said. My jaw dropped. But I did as they said. I soon reached a town called "Zaranid".

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306 days ago
The story's a bit complicated, but it isn't bad. You should finish the story