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My Humerous Burn Fanfiction

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Hey guys! I was introduced to this FF when I decided to make my first test. You may have seen some of my tests (under Zelda or zanesko3.07@gmail.com), and if you have, I warn you, they are very corny and only sometimes accurate. Anyways, I love to write, so here goes nothing!

    " "My Mom said no. Sorry, Paula." I said.
    "Well, your mommy wrong." Screeched Skyla, Paula's little sister."
    "My Mom never said anything in the category of right or wrong." I said.
    "Well, your mommy still wrong." Skyla said.
    "How can my Mom be wrong about a decision?" I said.
    "Because your mommy always wrong." Skyla said.
    "My Mom knows better speech than you." I said, my arms crossed.
    "No, she ain't knowing more good speech then me." Skyla said, and then she stormed off.

    Later that day, Jackie and I discuss the scene.
    "You burned her well, Jackie." Macy said.
    "I sure did."
    "But you can't burn me, can you?"
    "I would, but my mommy told me to burn people who think too warmly of themselves. It'll just free just freeze them, you know." And with that, I walked away.

    "Macy, you get back here!" Jackie called after me.
    "Why should I?" I called.
    "Because, I have a burn for you!"
    'What is it?"
    "I can't shout!"
    "But you're shouting right now!" I said.

    Later, Mom and I walked down the street, discussing the topic of today.
    "Hon, do you want to know some good burns?" Mom asked.
    "Mom, you're not that good at making jokes."
    "But I made you, didn't I? Or was that an actual jokester-maker?" Mom said. And laughing, she walked off.

    Later, Saydi and I walk down the road, me telling her what happened the day before.
    "And then, mom busted me." I said.
    "She sure did, Jackie." Saydi said.
    "And then I sat in bed, convincing myself that I'm better at jokes."
    "But you aren't are you? If your mom beat you, she must be better." Saydi said.
    "But I'm better than you, that's what matters."
    "No, you're not. Because I gave your mom that burn." Saydi said.
    "What?" I said.
    "How'd you know I was going to say that to her?"
    "I didn't, but she did, and she told me so, but she didn't tell me how she knew."
    'How'd she know?"
    "Didn't I just say, she didn't tell me that!"
    "Oh, right. Well I'm gonna burn you, cause I'm fire!"
    "And I'm a burner, so you can't burn me. I already burned you when you sassed your mom." Saydi stalked away. It took me a second to realize that she had technically burned me last night, and I tried to shout back at her, but she was already too far away.

    Next day, I had come up with a really good burn for Saydi when she said something stupid.
    Saydi walked up to me.
    "Hey." She said
    "Hi." I said.
    "So, I have to get back to advanced history. You?"
    "Have you been to the mall lately?" I asked.
    "Ya. Why?" Saydi said.
    "They're on sale. On lives - you should really get one, if you ask me."
    "But I'm in advanced history, obviously I have a life." Saydi said with a smile. But before I could say anything, she spoke again.
    "Just stay quite and let people think you're dumb. You'll prove them right if you say even one word." And Saydi walked away, as I screamed with rage.

    Hi guys, so how did you like my fanfiction? It's my first one, and I really wanted to do it on funny burns. Bye!

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828 days ago
Thank you! This is the actual Zelda, just to know ;)
1017 days ago
Hey, that was real funny