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Zach Herron and Cassandra Taylor go to school together. Zach’s mom and Cassie’s dad are in love but I takes a twisted turn. This is my first fanfic so don’t judge. Follow me on Instagram @me_WhyDontWeLover2018
Feel free to dm me at anytime.
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I hope you enjoy this story!

    ( Hey guys. So this is my first fan fiction so pls don’t hate. Ily guys! Tell me what you think in the comments 😁) ( and sorry for it all being o
    ( Hey guys. So this is my first fan fiction so pls don’t hate. Ily guys! Tell me what you think in the comments 😁) ( and sorry for it all being one chapter. I didn’t know how to break it up)

    Hey. I’m Cassie Taylor. I'm 17 years old. My mom died when I was 8. I currently live with my dad in Los Angeles, California.
    I go to Walker High.

    One day at school:
    I was sitting with my best friend Becca at our usual spot in home room.

    Teacher: Hey class! Listen up! Today we are getting a new addition to our class. This is Zach Herron. Like you he is 17 years old and just moved to LA from Dallas, Texas. Zach, you can sit over here....

    She moved and put her hand directly on the table next to mine. He sat down and the teacher moved on with the class. Immediately, Becca started talking to Zach.

    Becca: Hi! I’m Rebecca Thorne, but you can call me Becca. Everyone does.... So how you liking Walker?

    Zach: It’s nice. Everyone seems to be super awesome.

    Becca: That’s good. Oh yea! This is my bff Cassandra!

    Me: Hi...I’m Cassie.
    Zach: nice to meet you.

    The teacher passed out our assignment and we got to work. Becca continuously whispered about Zach.

    Becca: He’s hot.

    Me: Ya..I guess.

    Becca: I wonder if he would go out with me...

    I don’t know why I was angry...
    Me: Becca! Just...Stop! Be quiet. You don’t even know him, you love him and he’s been here for 10 minutes.

    Oops...I forgot to whisper that part. The whole class turned around and stared.

    Me: Sorry...

    They went back to work. Except for Zach...

    Zach: I couldn’t help but overhear but you think I’m hot...Becca?

    She turned red.,

    Becca: Ya... you’re kinda cute...

    Zach: thanks. Wanna go out? I heard the school was having a skate night Saturday?

    Becca: That sounds great! I’d love to go out with you!

    Me: Yep..sounds wonderful * I rolled my eyes*

    Zach: ok! Talk to you later!

    Me/Becca: k bye..

    The day was pretty uneventful after that. Rebecca and Zach talked through the rest of the day and when they weren’t talking, she was telling me about him. I was started to get annoyed so after school I went straighuuut home and up to my room. I fell asleep instantly.

    The next morning:
    Like every day, Becca showed up at my house and we walked to school together. When we got there, Zach was waiting for us, well, he was waiting for Becca, and they walked to home room without me. After I put my stuff in my locker, I joined my friends in class.

    Zach: Hey Cassie!

    Me: Hey.
    *I rolled my eyes*
    He noticed.
    Zach: What’s wrong?

    Me: Nothing. I just don’t like you. That’s all.

    Becca: Cassie!

    Zach: umm ok. Why is that?

    Me: Just leave me alone!
    He looked hurt and annoyed but stopped talking. Becca also looked angry that I treated our new friend so poorly.

    I got home from school and started back upstairs to go watch YouTube, but my dad stopped me halfway.

    Dad: hey honey! How was school?

    Me: fine....

    Dad: that’s good.....So I wanted to tell you something.

    Me: ok. What is it?

    Dad: you know that woman I have been going out with?

    Me: Ya....

    Dad: Well she and her son are coming over for dinner tonight so please get dressed and straighten the upstairs.

    Me: umm ok.
    I went upstairs and grabbed a blue dress and my black heels. Then I got changed. Afterwards, I started cleaning my room and the bathroom.
    (sigh) they’re here. I walked down stairs and died when I saw who was standing there.

    Dad: Cass, this is Ms. Herron and her son-

    Me: Zach...

    Dad: you two know each other?

    Zach: Yea...me and Cassandra are in the same home room class.

    Me: ya...
    After we ate in silence, my dad picked the conversation back up.
    Dad: I, I mean, we have big news. I and Myta have been dating a while so we decided to take a subtle step forward. The Herrons are moving in and we are gonna get married.

    Me: what!

    Zach: when!

    Ms. Herron: well we are moving in tomorrow!

    He can’t move in...

    Me: What about school?

    Dad: We excused you guys from your classes tomorrow so you can help Zach get moved in!
    Ugh. We only have one spare bedroom meaning he will be sleeping across the hall from me.
    Dad: Cass, how about you and Zach go look for something for him to where...maybe one of my shirts I gave you?

    Me: I guess. Let’s go Zach.
    Zach:*rolls his eyes* ok...
    We went upstairs and I took him up to my room.
    Me: just find a shirt and get out.
    He went to my closet and I felt super awkward with a guy rummaging around in my stuff. He grabbed one of my oversized black tees. We decided that he would just wear the shorts he was wearing, and he started changing.
    Me: what are you doing?
    Zach: changing, duh.
    Me: why in here? Just go in the bathroom.
    Zach: nah.
    He continued changing. I just closed my eyes and waited. He was done within seconds.
    Me: can you at least step out so I can change?
    Zach: nah.
    Me: Fine! Just close your eyes and turn around.
    I changed from my dress into a black, fuzzy, sweater and baggy black sweatpants. When I was done we went downstairs and hung out with our parents. We watched a movie and my dad announced that Myta and Zach were going to stay the night.
    Me: but we don’t have a room set up for Zach.
    Dad: oh yea. Well we’ll be getting up at 630 so we can get a head start and I don’t think you kids wanna get up that early. We can set up a cot in your room Cass, and he can sleep in your room.
    Me: umm ok?
    Dad: Ok! Good night kids.
    He kissed me on the forehead and went downstairs where his room is.
    Zach: so...should we go upstairs?
    Me: I guess.
    I went upstairs and he followed. I got into bed and he flopped down on his cot. I tried to go straight to sleep.
    Zach: you’re seriously not going to bed already, are you?
    Me: I’m trying. Why?
    Zach: well can’t we watch Netflix or something?
    Me: I guess..
    He grabbed my remote and turned the tv on. We turned on a horror movie and I sat up.
    About 20 minutes into the film, I was extremely scared. Zach noticed and crawled up on the bed and wrapped his arms around me. I didn’t really notice what was happening. After a few minutes I fell asleep.

    The next morning:
    My phone went off, reminding me that I had to get up and live life. I was still in Zach’s arms and when I realized, I quickly got up out of bed.

    Zach: Cassie...what’s wrong?
    Me: Nothing.... I can’t believe I slept next to you.
    Zach: you were scared, I was just comforting you.
    Me: In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big girl and can sleep by myself.
    Zach: I-I know...I was just trying to help...
    He looked hurt. Maybe I should try to be nice.
    Me: I’m sorry.
    Zach: it’s fine
    Me: imma go eat breakfast.
    Zach: me too, I guess
    We walked down stairs and got food. I made myself a bagel and he made a eggs. It surprised me how clean he was. Then when we finished eating, Dad came in with a box.
    Dad: here Zach. This is a box of clothes for the next two or three days.
    Zach: thanks.
    Dad: no problem...
    He went back outside.
    Zach: soooo....
    Me: what?
    Zach: we still have a while before we have to start, so wanna do something?
    Me: yea...I guess we can go outside to the pool.
    I went upstairs to change and then went out to the pool. Zach was already outside.
    Zach: wow...
    Me: what?
    Zach: Nothing....this is an awesome pool!
    Me: thanks...
    I went to the edge and dipped my feet in. Zach just started running from the house and jumped straight into the water.
    Zach: come on...get in
    Me: I’m good, really
    Zach: what’s the point of coming out to the pool if you ain’t gonna swim?
    Me: fine.
    Zach laughed and swam over to the edge.
    He swam over and picked me up. It was a awkward moment but I wrapped my legs around his waist. Slowly, we leaned in to kiss, but suddenly, Zach shot back and put me down. I turned to see what made him freak and saw Ms. Herron in the window, watching us. He swam around until she walked away. Then Zach swam back over and picked me up on his back. I laughed.
    Zach: I’m going under!
    He went under water and swam halfway down the pool. I wasn’t paying attention and when he did it again, it took me by surprise and I took in a large mouthful of water and lost my breath. Zach stopped swimming and came back to me, inches from tears.
    Zach: Oh my god! Cassie!
    He picked me up and set me on the edge of the pool. I slowly sat up.
    Zach: Cassie. I’m so so so so sorry.its all my fault. I wasn’t aware that you weren’t ready. I-
    Me: Zach! It’s fine. I’m ok.
    Zach: but....
    Me: let’s go inside and get some food.
    It wasn’t just to change the subject, I really was hungry from swimming for an hour.
    Zach: ok...
    He still sounded like he was going to cry. I got up and went inside. He followed, making sure to stay at least a foot away. As soon as we went inside, my dad stopped us.
    Me: Hey dad.
    Dad: Hey kids! Can you please start moving Zach’s stuff up to his room? That would be awesome. Thanks.
    Me: ok...
    He went back outside. Apparently they have been moving all of the stuff from the Herron house into the truck and bringing it back.
    Zach: let’s go upstairs and move I guess.
    Me: ok.
    We went upstairs and started unloading his stuff.

    When we got upstairs, we sat on his bed.
    Zach: hey...so do you wanna watch a movie after we get some of my stuff moved in?
    Me: I guess....
    Zach: cool.
    He jumps of the bed and starts unloading some of the boxes Dad brought up. I got up and helped him. When I reached for one box, Zach accidentally grabbed the same one.
    Me: oh, sorry.
    Zach: it’s fine. He picked up the box and brought it over to his bed.

    After we unpacked almost all of Zach’s stuff, we went to my room.
    Zach: so.... the movie?
    Me: sure.
    We lied down on my bed and he turned the movie on on his phone. After a while, I heard a knock on the door.
    Me: Come in!
    My dad opens the door.
    Dad: so I was think- what are you kids doing?
    Me: we’re watching a movie.
    Dad: but the TVs not even on...
    Zach: it’s on my phone.
    Dad: ok....so anyway. Me and Myta we’re thinking Chinese for dinner?
    Zach/me: ok!
    He leaves. I yawn.
    Zach: tired?
    Me: kind of...long day
    Zach: Yea.
    He moves slightly closer to me. I lean my head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat. I know this is wrong, considering he’s goin to be my step brother, but....
    Me: hey Zach?
    Zach: What’s up?
    Me: I don’t know- I- um-....I kinda think I like you?
    Zach: I like you too. I’m excited about us being brother and sister.
    Me: no....that’s not what I mean...
    Zach: oh...
    Me: ummm...never mi-
    He kissed me. I don’t know what to say so I don’t.
    Zach: I like you too.
    Me: I’m glad.
    We sit and kiss a little longer but then I realize we should go finish getting him moved in. We get up and go finishing unpacking.
    When we are done he locks the door.
    Me: what’s that for?
    Zach: I wanna kiss you some more....
    Me: *blushes* ok...
    He comes over and we make out for a solid 10 or 15 minutes, then go down stairs. I text him real quick before we go meet up with our parents.
    Me: *texts* hey. You Know we can’t do this right? It’s immoral.
    Zach; *tb* I know....
    We walk down stairs to find my dad and Myta fighting....really loud.
    Myta: Oh! So you think you're so special now? Well I regret ever meeting you!
    Dad: then get you and your son out of my house!
    Myta: Fine! I will!
    Me: *tb* maybe....what’s going on?
    Zach: *tb* no idea...
    They both turn to see us. They look completely shocked. Myta tells Zach to go find his backpack and his shoes. They’re leaving.
    Zach: what about our stuff?
    Me: I can bring it to you tomorrow?
    Myta: yea...whatever. Let’s Go!
    Zach hurried to get his belongings and scampers put the door. Dad comes over and wraps his arms around my shoulders.
    Dad: well that didn’t work out so well, did it kiddo?
    Me: I guess not... what happened?
    Dad: oh I don’t know. I don’t even know what I said but the. She got pissed of calling me a gold digger and everything. I’m sorry baby girl. Well on the bright side, you don’t have to live with Zach.
    Me: oh...yea...good...
    I try to smile.

    That’s all for now. If you guys want more, just comment and I’ll add another one. Will Zach and Cassie reunite? Will they fall in love? Idk. It’s up to you to decide their fate....( until I post another one)
    Go follow me on Instagram @me_WhyDontWeLover2018
    Feel free to dm me and I’m open to talk. Just let me know who you are if you decide to dm me. I love y’all. Byeeee😉

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