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The Last Hope

15 Chapter - 1.294 Words - Developed by:
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Hope was just a regular child, until one day, when an accident happened...
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    Hope Iris Life is the youngest child in the Life family. She was just 4 years old, but she was very smart. Hope was always different from her older siblings. Her family members were all brown/blond haired and green eyed. Hope had red hair, with edges in silver color. Her right eye green and blue, her left eye grey. She was just a regular child, until one day when an accident happened.

    It was a nice, sunny spring day. Hope went out by herself for a walk. Her parents let her walk alone because their city is small and they know everybody there. Hope went inside a lab, she looked at a core, when suddenly... CRASH! Something blew up behind Hope and she flew into the core.

    Hope woke up in nothing, well she felt like she's in nothing. She looked around, everything looked like a never-ending hallway. Hope passed out. She woke up again, this time in hospital. Her parents stood next to her, her siblings on the other side. Her left arm and right leg were broken.
    "What happened?" Hope wondered.
    "We don't know, honey." Her dad answered.
    "We found you in the lab, you passed out." Her mom answered. "Doctor, may we take her?"
    "Yes, sure. Take this special controllable wheelchair." The doctor said.

    That day Hope fell asleep late. When she woke up, she was in that never-ending hallway again. Hope saw a door at the end of the hallway. She tried to reach it, but she couldn't. She ran what felt like forever. After a few minutes, or hours, or days, or weeks, maybe even months, she finally reached the door. Hope opened it and saw herself looking at her. Her reflection was different from real Hope. The Hope-reflection had black hair, red eyes, knife in her hand, and the knife was dripping with blood.

    Hope closed her eyes and started screaming. She felt that someone was shaking her. She opened her eyes. It was her mom.
    "Honey! Honey! Sweetheart, are you okay! You've been screaming for 5 minutes!" Her mom looked like she had seen a ghost, her face was very pale. Hope's eyes were blank, until her sparkles came back. She told her mom everything that happened. Her mom comforted her by saying,
    "That was just a nightmare, sweetheart, don't worry"

    Few months later...
    Hope's arm and leg were healed again. She was going to kindergarten again.
    At kindergarten...
    Everyone was happy that Hope returned. She had to retell what happened for a million times. When their group went outside, something weird happened... When she was trying to climb the arch ladder thingy, she fell. Two boys, Drake and Alex, started laughing at her and calling her a wimp. Hope got very mad, she started floating, her hair was red and black, eyes - grey. The boys ran away, screaming. While the teacher came, Hope was trying to climb the arch ladder again. “So, what? She’s just minding her own business.” The teacher said. “But... but...” Drake muttered. “Go and play!” The teacher said.

    Chapter 7
    Drake and Alex suspected something about Hope.
    "Something is wrong with her.." Drake said.
    "I know right!" Alex agreed.
    "We need to prove it to Ms. Sara!"
    Both of them ran to miss Sara. They told her to wait and watch. They dared Hope to race. Hope agreed. She lost the race. They started making fun of her again. She didn't get mad this time. She just shrugged and walked away.
    "I see... You boys come with me," Miss Sara said to boys.
    The boys followed Ms. Sara to the corner of the playground.
    "You like to make fun of those who lose, I see, right?"
    "No.." Drake quietly replied.
    "Then what?"
    Ms. Sara scolded them for making fun of others and told them not to repeat their mistake.

    Drake's POV
    Drake came back home. His mom was cooking and his dad was at work. Drake's older brother, Jonathan, welcomed him back home.
    "So, how is kindergarten?" he asked.
    "Very nice, but there is this weird girl, Hope Life, who looks sweet and innocent. But in real, she is a monster!" Drake replied.
    "Heh, we'll see her today."
    "Yeah, her parents called us over."
    "NOOOOOOO!" Drake wailed.
    Drake sighed. A few hours later, they were all dressed up and ready to meet the Life family.

    At The Lives' House
    Hope's POV
    Hope was dressed in her second-best dress. A cute pastel yellow silk dress with a belt covered in silver glitter.
    When Hope saw Drake, she was bewildered.
    "Mooooom! Why didn't you tell me he is coming!" Hope wailed.
    "What do you mean, sweetheart?" her mother asked.
    "He is the one who laughed at me!"
    "Oh, but sweetheart, you can't judge him from the first day!"
    "Yes I can!"
    "Ahem." Coughed Drake's dad.
    "Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Forrest." apologized Hope's mom.
    "It's alright, I guess."
    They welcomed the Forrest family and led them into the living room.
    Mrs. Forrest and Mrs. Life got along well. Mr. Forrest felt left out, but he didn't care. He went out to the backyard and started smoking. No one noticed him. Jonathan, who is 8, Drake, 5 years old, and Hope were in Hope's room.
    "Just to let you know, my mom let's me spank Drake if he is naughty. And the same with you, little Hope." Jonathan said, smiling slyly. Hope stared at Drake and he just shrugged. Hope sighed. Why am I the only girl? she thought. Soon enough, Drake and Hope quarreled. While Johnathan was spanking Drake, Hope sneaked out. She, crying from fear, ran to her mother and told her that Johnathan was about to spank her. Her mother sighed and followed Hope upstairs to her room.

    To be continued...

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377 days ago
Pretty good. They must have super powers to be able to talk so well in kindergarten. Though very interesting.
953 days ago
It is so good!
I am from the Netherlands I understand this. this actually very good. Make more please
954 days ago
Aww, it seemed really fascinating. I hope you'll be motivated and continue some day! I loved it btw :)
963 days ago
Hey guys, thanks for all your support, but I think I will discontinue this. I'm sorry for disappointing you, but I'm just not feeling it. If any of you want to continue this, message me on my Discord, I am ShinyStar8394#5266. I'll try to figure out a way for you to continue this.
1024 days ago
1302 days ago
Maybe that psycho thing can give off power, so let's say she does the thing. So then one person who's near her gets powers?
1410 days ago
Hi guys! Thanks for your ideas! I love them! I will try and work them out!
1600 days ago
Maybe, she is actually half demon!
1617 days ago
Hey Hope Iris Life!
Write more! Can she have, like, super powers or something? I'd LOVE that!
1619 days ago
Guys, Im serious, I NEED COMMENTS!!!
1619 days ago
Never mind that guys! I will continue here. Enjoy reading!
1620 days ago
Hey Guys! I will continue not here. I will send you the link as soon as I start making it!