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A Strange Mind (Part 2 of Don't You Get It?)

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Guess what guys! Connie Beverly is back! Including her friend, Samuel Boots! Get ready for more nonsense that will make either make you laugh, or say "Um…WHAT!" Maybe both! This story will be made of only one chapter this time, but will hopefully give the same vibe from the last one! Hope you enjoy!:)

    Connie Beverly, age 12, was swinging on the swings, thinking when her new friend, Samuel Boots, also age 12, can running to her.
    "Hey, Connie!" he exclaimed while sitting down on a swing next to her. "Whatcha thinking about?"
    Samuel knew that when Connie thinks, she usually thinks very strangely, so he wasn't surprised when Connie said:
    "I'm thinking about how the human mind works."
    Samuel thought for a moment.
    "What about the human mind?" he asked.
    "You only use a certain amount of your brain," she replied. "I'm wondering how you can use the other parts you don't use."
    "Maybe you have to exercise your brain," Samuel suggested.
    "That was what I was thinking," Connie agreed. "But how can you do that?"
    Samuel shrugged. "I don't know."
    "As well as some people are smart, and some people are stupid. What decides that?" Connie still wondered.
    "Maybe a certain science?" Samuel suggested.
    "Or maybe a strong force," she still thought.
    "Hmm…" Samuel thought. "It is a strange mind indeed…"

    THE END?

    *Hope you enjoyed!*

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926 days ago
Miss TeRy StOrEh TeLleR? OmG! I mIsSes yOu!

goOd joB bY tHe waY!
928 days ago
@Lisymel - The story will continue! I'm making a fourth part soon!
@Drama Queen - I'm glad you find this at least funny, though I have to admit, I've confused myself while writing this a few times and had to rewrite lol. These characters are challenging to make for me for some reason.
928 days ago
Hmmmmmm this is funny but confusing lol
934 days ago
Will the story continue? I'm curious to know these characters! They are intriguing 💚💚💚