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A Word Illusion!

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This is a word illusion that might blow your mind! Good luck!:)


Black holes stand at the very edge of scientific theory . Most scientists believe they exist, although many of
of their theories break down under the extreme conditions within. But Professor Cornelius Van Bockstien of
of the University of Ushuaia says he knows what you would find inside, and challenges the traditional idea that gravity would cause you death by "spaghettification".

Count the F's in the text above.
(Count them only ONCE!)

*In the text there are 10 F's! Most people underestimate the number of F's cause they fail to notice them in the word "of". Function words like "of" are unconsciously processed by our brain cause they aren't important. Cool, huh?:)

(**The text for the illusion is most likely not true. You might be able to tell by the word "spaghettification". I would request you look it up just in case.**)

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185 days ago
Woah. I counted like 8 fs. Which ones did I miss!?
1218 days ago
lol I counted 4 f's :}
1395 days ago
i thought there would be more