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This story is about a fiery volcano who let's his emotions take control but destroys what he loves most by doing so.

I had just realised what I had done, I’d destroyed my whole country. But I was still left standing. You’re probably wondering how someone could destroy a whole country but when you’re me it’s very easy. Hi, my name is tan Llosgfynydd (tan for short) or you would know me as Snowdon the volcano in Wales. Let’s start from the beginning.

My best friend Ben or Ben Nevis to you, (who is also a volcano) and I were having an argument about who was bigger. Ben won which I was mad about because I was so close. I came second out of three my friend Scaffell Pike was a bit smaller than both of us. I wanted to beat him next time, but I couldn’t, Ben was great at everything and I was good at some of those things too, but Ben always won. This was when the true story began. Ben and I would compete over everything who could create the most lava, the hottest lava, even who could throw a ball of rock the furthest, anything that we did it was a competition and Ben was always just a bit better than me. One day I was fed up I just wanted to win one thing and I exploded literally lava was flowing down into the valley and ash clouds were forming above me and rocks were being thrown down inside me. My stomach was churning I felt sick. You see volcanoes don’t like erupting, you know when you have a stomach ache, well that’s what it feels like to a volcano but 1000 times worse!

Black ash surrounded me. It smelt revolting it made my eyes water. I couldn’t see I didn’t even know if I was erupting or not. After a few days my stomach ache died down. The ash clouds were disappearing. I was feeling much better. I looked at the country I used to call home, but it was destroyed. The worst part was though was it was by me.

All the other inhabitants' houses were demolished, and they were all devastated some had even fled. I wanted to cry but that would cause a tsunami of tears, I’m not joking. I decided to keep a straight face and watch them build their town back again. After years of hard work, the town was rebuilt, everyone has forgiven me and even now after millions of years people still come to visit me. But this story taught us volcanos of Britain an important lesson. Ben, Pike and I all promised each over and everyone else. No competing and we haven’t erupted since.

The End!

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All I have to say is wow