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Sink Into The Pink - Episode 1- Introductions

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First fiction, enjoy. If you do there will be more to come.

    The old, dirty Nisan curved round the corner into what looked like more of the foliage-infested roads they had crossed in the past few hours, same old autumnal leaves everywhere and the occasional squirrel. Phoebe yawned and looked out of the window purposefully, in a sort of amused way, then continuing to read her book. Her mother, on the other hand, was very concentrated and kept her eyes on the road. She was now used to this as her daughter attempted to make little to no conversation, hoping between reading and playing on her phone. "Sweetie, are you excited to be finally going back home?" She questioned. "Mum, you keep insinuating that we're going back home." She sighs, "This is not home, it is a holiday home, in a place where everything is so dull, you could not even like it if it was a colour!" Phoebe goes to reach for her phone, but her mum suddenly slams on the brakes. The driver’s door opens and then almost immediately slams shut. Miss Waters begins walking up the nearby driveway of a house. "Welcome to Cornfield." She walks inside with a flourish. Phoebe follows, wishing she could apologies to her mother. She tottered behind, lugging the purple roller-case and a shoulder bag with her phone and book inside.

    "Mum?" Phoebe sighed, hauling the heavy luggage over the threshold. "Mum?" Phoebe, visibly scared, drops the bags and stops moving. All you could hear was the faint ticking of the old grandfather clock in the hallway and a distant laughing. "Mum? Where are you?" To Phoebe's relief she heard the chuckling halt and a reply ensued. "I'm upstairs sweetie. Come up! I'm in the music room." Then a piano began to play. "Playing the piano, Mum?" Phoebe said as she ascended the dusty stairs. When there was no reply, Phoebe got closer, quicker, to the closed door of the music room. "Mum?" Phoebe reached her hand out to push the white door open. The piano music stopped at its crescendo and from downstairs Phoebe heard one of the most chilling things that she had ever known, yet.


    "Phoebe? Where are you? I'm in the garden talking to Mr Parkyn's daughter, Allison." Phoebe ran downstairs as fast as she could. "You know, the one that you gave your water to when she felt hot?"Phoebe sprinted through the linoleum kitchen and slung open the kitchen door. And waiting there was Allison. Laughing the same distant laugh as whatever that was, and staring at Phoebe with dark, empty eyes.

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782 days ago
Are you going to make a part 2?