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A mother's love

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A woman name Selena was once living with her mother for quite some years. She and her mother was very close until she went off and marry some Jamaican the same kind of people her mother once warn her about, her mother would tell her those are not people to put yourself with but she thought her mother was trying to run her life so she Did not listen and went ahead and marry the Jamaican man anyways. But the marriage life ended being good. The man she married was a sweetheart.

    Selena and the Jamaican man had three kids. She and her mother relationship was still somewhat distant but she didn't let that stop her from visi
    Selena and the Jamaican man had three kids. She and her mother relationship was still somewhat distant but she didn't let that stop her from visiting her mother or so we thought. Five months later after marrying the Jamaican she met up on another Jamaican man but this one was so different from the one she married he was dark handsome and so sweet but there was something underneath that didn't seem right. Two months into spending time with this new Jamaican she had fall deeply but what she didn't know the man who she rather was a woman killer everybody who talk to her tried to tell her something ain't right about him even her best friend of seventeen years but not even Kelly she didn't listen their relationship ended up strain.

    Sometimes the one we long for is the one that is not meant for us. Three months into to pretending like she's visiting her mother she was up and down with this guy not even noticing she's hurting her mother but she had care all she know she was in love with a man she had rarely even know. I guess it's TRUE what they say love is blind. While she's here in Florida up and down with this other Jamaican her husband his up there knowing and waiting for her. Selena and the new man in her life who name was Johnathan was all over the place with each other holding hands kissing and holding each other it seems like Selena had forget she was married and had a husband in Jamaica.

    Selena was putting herself and family in danger because she had believed she knows everything. But did she know everything or was she wrong about everything on their finale days together before she had go back up in Jamaica to her husband. She and Johnathan were planning on having sex. But she had told him when she come back to visit again but Selena had never returned while in Jamaica. She had find out everything Johnathan ever told her was a lie. Coming into knowing the man she had so love or who she thought had love her was heart breaking in Jamaica. She had find out Johnathan was really what everybody say he was - a killer. Her best friend Kelly didn't want nothing with her anymore and Selena's mother turn her back to see her daughter had find it hard to take her advice. Her husband Joey was angry with her until it gets to the point he Wasn't speaking to her unless he have to.

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10 days ago
Huh? So confused. Jot trying to b mean.
1438 days ago
Co that's just straight up mean.

This is an amazing story keep up the great work
1563 days ago
1564 days ago
Co don't be rude the author obviously put lots of thought and hard work into this story. I for one thought it was good. 😄
1564 days ago
This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard