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Her Different Responsibility

3 Chapter - 1.060 Words - Developed by:
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Her parents made her do things, other highschoolers didn't have to do! She wanted to be like others. What's her parents response?

    Hi. I'm Ann. People call me Ann because my name is Anny! My parents made me do things, others didn't do. Let's start from the beginning!

    "Ann! You need to clean the dishes, and do the laundry. You'll get more allowance!" My mom yelled gracefully. She was happy, she didn't have to do the things, I had to do! I was only 14. Who does that! "I'm coming, Mom. First, let me do my homework." I said sighing, but yelling for her to hear me. After doing all those things, I was ready to go to my new school! Ken Rems High school! As I walked in the building, I was being whispered at.. I wore very expensive clothes! No ONE could copy me. "Hi! I'm Kirabella! I'm schools president~ It's nice to meet you! These are my girls, Bethany, Elis, Carma!" She said very happy.. although people looked at me, like, I encountered a very bad person.. "Well! What's your name?" She said, while I was dazing at the people looking at me. I said nervously: "I'm Ann! Short for Anny!" She looked at the people, and did a shoo sign at them. "Hi! I'm Elis. I am her assistant." Elis said happily, as she painted her nails. I kind of nervously waved, and her other girls waved too. It was first period.. "English" Kirabella didn't go to that class, she went to History. Elis was with me, and Bethany. We sat down, and Mrs. Carter gave us our first assignment. "Okay students. We do have a new student. Her name is Ann as she'd like to be called. Please treat her nicely, and she is the famous rich daughter of Arlee Ann! She is from Canada." As Mrs. Carter said. Everyone clapped, and the boys seemed to be attracted to me. But.. there was this one girl. Looking really mean at me, and gave me the dirty look. She sat right beside me, and she wore expensive clothes, she was the daughter of Sal Yuto.

    "Hi. I'm Rin Yuto. Treat me nicely, and you won't get burnt." She said, and flicked her hair in my face! Although, she wore really beautiful clothes. And she said people admire her.. I didn't really care, I kept learning. After first period, we had a hour to do stuff with our friends. Elis followed me out of the class. As I sat on a bean bag chair in the hallway. "Hey! Um, that girl who looked at you. Is Rin, she's the most po-" Elis said, but I cut her off. "I know. Is she a friend of Kirabella's?" I said, and Elis nodded. But she smelt a smell of detergent on my dress. It was the stuff I used on my laundry. "Um. What's that smell on your dress?" She looked disgustingly. I had to lie, because she was the friend of Kirabella's! Like, she's richer than ever! And, she's very quote-lined. "Haha! I guess, I tooted.." I said. "It smells like.. detergent?" She laughed, but she waved bye and went to her second class door, just to wait. I got out of the bean bag chair. And explored around the school. Soon, I seen, a bad looking boy. A bad-boy! I sat down with him, and said: "Hello! I am-" I was going to say. He cut me off! "The daughter of Arlee Ann. I know who you are, Ann, Anny." He said, but he wasn't a fan. He got up, and went away from me. I thought about how I was talking to Kirabella and he was looking at me too. I thought, maybe, she did something to him? But as he walked away, I noticed he sniffed. I was scared, someone was gonna find out what I have to do at home! My responsibilities, others didn't have to do.. I got up, and went down the stair, and saw lots of people crowding a girl. I heard screaming saying 'CLAIRE F-' Nothing else. So I pushed my way through the crowd. It was CLAIRE FINDINGS! The popular new singer, in the school! But then.. I thought.. There are 4 girls who are rooting to be popular, and respected. Kirabella, Rin, Me, Claire!

    So, the next day, I woke up.. "Mom.. Dad?" My mom was staring at me smiling. "AH!" I said, then she smiled so hard. "My baby got rooted to go to the prom!" She said, so happy she danced around and threw me my dress I was putting on. "Mom.. Prom is at 6:00pm." I said. "It's 5:55pm." My mom said. I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, put on my dress. I looked perfect! I went to the prom.. everyone was dancing. I put my name on the rooting list. And people suddenly voted. "Okay, okay! The prom queen of Ken Rems High school Is Anny Ann!" The host said. Everyone clapped! I said my announcement.. "Hear-e hear-e! I am not that spoiled brat, I do responsibilities! Like cleaning up, and washing dishes! And I don't care if you don't like that!" I said, and everyone was startled. But they kept cheering, and even picked me up! 'GO GO, ANNY ANN! GO ANNY ANN!'

    The end.. (Part 2?)

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276 days ago
You are the best.
276 days ago
I loved this so much i could read this everyday 😃
276 days ago
Great job. .😀.
276 days ago
This was amazing. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
276 days ago
Wonderful book.
276 days ago
That was such a great book i loved it