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The Death of a child

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My mother meet this woman from Canada. The woman she met her name was Jewel, Jewel and her daughter and mother live in a two bedroom apartment. Jewel daughter name is Lena a very sweet little girl but at times can be very wicked.

    My mother and sister and plus I was friends with Jewel her daughter and mother. And a few months into getting to know these lovely people. We find out something that was very heart breaking. Jewel daughter Lena was very picky when it comes to food she don't eat any and everything. And her mother Jewel Was not working and had refused to do so in Jewel eyes why work when the rent will end up taking all her money. And then too Jewel mother Maggie had refused to feed her own grandchild all because the mother would not go work. I mean it's a child who do those type of things to a child. Sometimes Lena would go months without eating and her mother and grandmother would just leave it so. When Jewel would buy food she would only buy food for herself. Only God knows what type of mother she is. One day Lena was in her room taking a little nap her grandmother was home but the mom Was not and all of a sudden the little girl started to vomit clear, watery substance and nobody knows had know what that was until one night my mother had call her sister Tina to inform her on the clear substance little Lena was vomiting come to find out it was acid.

    My mother sister inform her is die that little girl is dying and if she don't keep them out of her house we will all be going in to the slammer. And when my mother would inform Jewel is acid that little girl is vomiting Jewel answer would be not nothing go so. When your Harding there's a price to pay. Jewel would steady leave her little girl vomit acid and when you tell her about it she would say is not she is Lena that don't want to eat what people give her. One day Jewel was with her boyfriend his name is Leo she and her daughter was with Leo taking a stroll while taking the stroll Lena start vomiting acid Leo turn and tell Jewel look what you doing to the government freaking child that little girl did not even live her life yet and you are killing her all Jewel do is just open her eyes in shock.

    My mother tell Jewel why she don't buy things the little girl would eat Jewel would say not all the time Lena could get what she want. One night I was with Lena and her boyfriend and Leo had buy a plate of three pieces of pizza and while dropping us both to where we each live he ask her. So what about Lena, Jewel turn and say Lena could eat what is in the house Leo turn and told her you well know that little girl don't like nothing in that freaking house Jewel turn and say Lena just being stubborn. Leo turn told her she just being stubborn well if I take that freaking pizza out of your hand I guess you going to say I being stubborn but let me tell you this that little girl drop down today or tomorrow you are gone.

    Jewel face went sour and Leo just turn and say some people did not need freaking children. It's a child she Be. One day when Lena and her mother was on the step by my mother house, my mother offer little Lena food and while Lena was eating the food her mother Jewel was looking to take the food out of her hand. My mother turn and tell Jewel you have to do better than that that's a child you don't do those type of things. Jewel turn and say she does be a little hungry too my mother turn and tell her you are a grown ass woman you could handle yourself that child can't. One day when my mother was walking with Lena and her mother. My mother ask little Lena if she can shit the shocking answer Lena give her was no I can't shit. My mother turn and tell Jewel you need to deal with that cause that's problems Jewel turn and say Lena will be alright.

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457 days ago
That's so heartbreaking! That poor girl needs food! 😭💔