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In the year 2020

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Coming upon a new age and new attitude. I don't have any kids and My body is not walking with me like some woman, why cause I take care of myself. I'm not your typical young adult I'm very different to all the other young women you all see out there. And since I am writing this let me tell you about myself.

    One I am very sensitive I am for from emotional that's my sister I am quick to lose patience in the words of my father when it comes to patience Nicole Don't have any and the Name Nicole is My middle name. I can comb hair I am good at that but I don't like doing it. I love poetry, I write poetry. I have published many times. I don't speak to my mother sisters cause to me they are all fake as hell all they are good for is to smile in your face. I am close to my little sister I am not one for my older sister I don't study that one at all but yet she could always find to ring my phone and I don't even ring yours. I am a very quiet person but depends on how you really push I Can be a bitch. I have a good relationship with My father but I don't ring his much. I use to but something change I will send him happy father's day message on the date of that day.

    Going to School I was never the popular one and I don't strive to be. I don't want to be Miss I have something stick up my ass. I love people well I love who love me. I have been to the states I have seen many things and I meet up on different faces of the world. My inspiration is Janet Jackson I love that woman she is such a great singer dancer everything good you can name is Janet Jackson. I want to be like her but just take out the singing part and the dancing part cause to tell you the Truth I can't dance. I want to be like her while doing what I am good at not what she is good at. To me love is not everything but people does move like it is, when it's truly not. To me do not fall in love, we should just love cause everything that falls gets broken.

    I was Born in January that's all I am going to say I don't like people knowing my age that's just me you either take it or leave it. I don't look to people to do nothing for me. I try to do things on my own. I will not say I am a independent person that's not how I would describe myself. I am just a person who kind of have a little trust issues and don't want nothing thrown in her face. I stays telling my Mother the day I have kids not a man or woman is going to be able to throw things in my face, My Mother do tell me I need to Stop moving like that but that's just my Mentality. I love the idea of Marriage but scared of the word eternity weird I know. I just can't see Myself with the same person for so long. But Maybe something will change in Me in the near Future until then this is it.

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