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A lion-love story

3 Chapter - 515 Words - Developed by:
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You will hear a wonderful love story of Kopa and Vitani's beautiful love.

One day, a cute lion cub named Kopa was born. He had furry, light brown hair and yellow body fur. He was the last prince of the lion king. Or was he......
Zira licked her daughter, Vitani's fur. "Go out and play," boomed Zira."And get home at lunchtime."
"OK, mom," said Vitani. She ran off and met up with a very cute cub named Kopa. "Oh, hi," said Vitani. But Kopa was mesmerized as they played. This was the hottest girl he had ever seen!
Soon there parents found them and separated them. Kopa and Vitani started to miss eachother.

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Do you know I wrote this.
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This is game is good