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Fun Slime Generator!

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Hi! Here is a fun slime generator where you can become a slime! This is like the warrior cat generator I made. If you haven't checked that out then you should! Just follow the directions here and don't peek before you have your number! And plz plz plz leave a comment on what you got and if the comments don't work then email me what you got!

Here is the kind of slime you are! Pick a number between 1-7, but don't peek at the answers before you have your number!

1. Fluffy slime
2. Iceberg slime
3. Clear slime
4. Cloud slime
5. Regular slime
6. Bubbly slime
7. Water slime

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178 days ago
Best wishes, good luck,
Anonymous Human!
621 days ago
clear slime space blueberry foam beads
660 days ago
water slime, bubble gum, outerspace, foam beads*
660 days ago
water slime, bubble gum, outer space
660 days ago
cloud slime, bubble gum, blue, foam beads
662 days ago
Cloud slime,mint,orange and clay
792 days ago
Water slime, mint, outer space, beads.
992 days ago
Hi how go I male this slime or whatever I’m so confused 🤷‍♀️
1101 days ago
Omg I love this I got a iceberg slime that smells like lavender
1267 days ago
I Love it I love the outcome so I got Clear Rainbow sherbert Outer space and Glitter it matches but expectthe Rainbow sherbet scent
1384 days ago
i got clear orange slime with clay that smells like bubblegum
1384 days ago
thats cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rainbow sherbert sounds gooood
1392 days ago
I got a blue cloud slime, rainbow sherbert and glitter
1566 days ago
Hello guys! This is Hanah (the creator of this quiz) and i thought i will just let yall know what i got!!!!!!! i got- clear outerspace slime scented bubblegum with beads. it seems a lot of us are getting outer space!!!
1594 days ago
I got a Pink Blueberry scented cloud slime with confetti!
1594 days ago
bubbly slime with a blueberry scent and outer space color with glitter.
1594 days ago
Regular mint orange glittery slime.
1594 days ago
Clear glitterly purple bubblegum scented slime
1595 days ago
Lol I got water slime mint sent and more lol I found it a little confusing at first though ;)
1595 days ago
Hi! I got:
Cloud slime, Bublegum scent, Outer space colour, Foam beads.

A very creative slime. This was fun!