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Twelve-Year-Old Artists: The Budding Ballerina (Book One)

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This is a series of books about girls that I hope you like!
(It's also about art, if you couldn't tell)
And this first one is about ballet!

I held the letter in my hands, palms sweating. I knew that this letter would determine the rest of my life--was it an acceptance letter, or a rejection letter?
"Open it, Nora!" My six-year-old sister Karey begged, "open it open it open it! Are you going to join the dancey school?" Her small brown eyes pleaded for me to open the letter from the Calley School Of Ballet, a prestigious academy for ballet dancers in junior high and high School.I finally tore the letter open.
I stared at it.
"What does it SAY?" Karey asked.
"Does all that racket mean you got in?" Dad said, coming down the stairs with Mom.
"YES!" I yelled.
"Let's celebrate!" Mom announced, "beef and broccoli, anyone?" Her dirty blonde hair, same as Karey's, bounced around. My hair was closer in shade to Dad's--white-blonde.
"YES!" Karey, Dad and I shouted. My eighteen-year-old sister Olivia ran down.
"I know exactly what this means," she declared, "beef, broccoli, and Nora leaving."
"When will you come back, Nora?" Karey asked.
"As soon as I can," I replied, "don't worry, I'll write," and later, after dinner, Olivia came to my room, "what is it?" I asked.
"Just to let you know... boarding schools and academies aren't all fun and games. I didn't have a great time at Calley's. You probably won't either," and with those words embedded in my head, Olivia left.

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934 days ago
this is cool!!!!! Adam (or whatever his name is) is Creepy! But in a cool way. I LOVE IT.
1180 days ago
There are 10 books and 3 parallel thingies. I'm 99% sure that there are 3 parallels, at least
1196 days ago
How many of these are there again
1216 days ago
I didn't realize it could be seen as creepy... anyway. Thanks
1217 days ago
Wow.........CREEEEEEEEEPY story!!!!!!!
1257 days ago
THANK YOU IF YOU ARE STILL READING!!! I know it's long, but it's also almost finished!
1352 days ago
Yay cant wait 4 book 9
1363 days ago
Thanks TheFadedWalker500! Book 9 may come out soon... and it may be in Nadia's point of view...
1366 days ago
Huh. This is really intersting. BTW, AddyNick, thx 4 taking my alan walker quiz! if you go back to the one you took, I told you who Alan is. :)
1374 days ago
Thanks Kaity!
1374 days ago
This new one is really good. Love ittttt
1413 days ago
Jason Davidson, Ethan, Kellie, Sandyn
1417 days ago
I should REALLY probably make the next of these... I'm thinking of going back to like, Casey's and Nora's perspectives... maybe someone else's too...
1434 days ago
But thanks
1434 days ago
It has a little of a weird ending, though...
Maybe the next book will fix that... (by next I mean next I write, not the 3rd)
1435 days ago
Hi I like ur book Brushes and Canvase
1447 days ago
Thx! I'm homeschool tooooooooo and most series here have the same comments, maybe all
1448 days ago
How does this have the same comments as no.1
1448 days ago
I like it. Sometimes I have to rewrite ny books.... I had to write the minecraft one five times! I'm homeschool. I write books without plans and am almost ready to publish one.
1456 days ago
Yeah, I’ve read book 4 already, nice and thanks for commenting on mine too:)