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Aneveah life

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This story is about a girl named Aneveah, who is Queen bee at her school. This story is also about this girls life.

Being Queen bee is so hard, said Aneveah. I know I was Queen bee. But now I’m just lost in life going to university nothing to do or nothing to go to university for there’s not even popularity there. Called Kasey! Now go do something with your sister, said mum. Who do you mean now?
Taylor she’s alone and I said that to all to both of you, called mum from upstairs. What are we having for dinner? Said both girls at the same time. I don’t know yet, but can you play with Taylor go play with Taylor Ok? FINE! Shouted both girls. As Aneveah Headed upstairs she saw her brother Bradyen sitting on the floor upset. She asked Bradyen what’s the matter? Is it to do with your popularity? Well, I don’t know what’s wrong with me I don’t wanna be popular like you are. But I need to carry on this popularity thing but I just don’t know what to do please tell me to do? What did you? Well I don’t know what to do, Queen bee is so hard and I can. You just do what you want to do when what you feel is right, I sound like I’m a therapist or something. They should’ve laughed at the same time when mum shouted kids I’m heading to the shops I’ll be back at around eight. Guys come upstairs look at this called Kasey. Two boys were shouting at each other outside one of the windows from the third floor. Why are they fighting? Asked Taylor. Their probably fighting because of the Queen bee a.k.a. you this always happened to me right in the same spot as they were when I was Queen bee!

A part 2 of this will
Be coming out!

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680 days ago
Omg!! My name is close to Aneveah!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
717 days ago
Not to be rude, but could you please put quotation marks around the dialogue? I wasn't able to understand this. I know it takes more work, but it's worth it!
720 days ago
Don't be rude, Snickers! Someone put work into this story! Writing stories that have well... a story--no, a plot takes work, but writing comments DOESN'T. Someone put lots of thought into this. You did not put a whole lot of thought into your comment,
How do I know this?
Because you didn't think up a NICER WAY to put your words.
721 days ago
Please, please, PLEASE.......... Add proper punctuation and quotation marks. I would give it one star. Why? Because it made no f-ing sense.

729 days ago
When they're talking it might be a good idea to add punctuation, so that it makes a little more sense.
729 days ago
I don't get this. Please make part 2 make more sense than this