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Sibling Rivalry

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All siblings have this! They tend to fight and say enormously bad things about each other! I have a few things that happened to me that I'd like to share, and afterwards I will tell you how I handled it. Enjoy, I had a lot of fun making it!

Growing up, my older brother made me feel like a pile of dirt. He always gave me disapproving looks and tried to make himself seem better in a situation he started or where I was the victim.
Many times he got away with lying. Many times I cursed under my breath or muttered idiot, stupid, and selfish.
However, there were some times where he was nice to me. While he knew what I like and bribed and sometimes even blackmailed me, he was always my brother.
So a day before the day story 2 focuses on, I went to the pool with my brother and older sister. We had squirt guns, and when I found a nice girl to play with, my brother starting shooting us.
Or, rather, me.
So we gathered tubes and discs and diving sticks and darts, and we played our games in the safety of the tube stacks.
Later we started jumping in, but my brother kept squirting us as we did. So we gathered the last of the tubes and made a jumping space.
Typically, I brought all sorts of snacks and junk food. We snacked on those as we talked, although we had to hold the tubes still and other kids kept splashing us as they jumped.
Eventually we just grabbed floaties and jumped on those, doing our best to ignore my brother. But I couldn't help thinking it was my fault.
METHOD: Afterwards, as we were walking home, I asked my brother why he couldn't have left us alone; and how irate we got after a while. I told him he was probably just jealous but please leave me alone, and I guess that made it worse. If he won't respond by then, ignore it and let it go.

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794 days ago
Oh my god!! BEST STORY EVER!
1152 days ago
I'm sorry you feel like that. I don't know how it feels, bc it's never felt like anyone's hated me, so I won't say that I understand. I don't know if you should talk to him or if you've ever tried talking to him, but maybe you could try?
1153 days ago
Also AddyNick: all siblings fight but yeah, I guess you're right some siblings naturally have kind spots. I still love my brother. We're family and we have to take risks and sacrifice ourselves for others, but sometimes it feels like he hates me and it's a super trapped feeling :(
1153 days ago
Ha yeah! It's fine the feeling doesn't last long, whenever I'm around my parents it's like a safe zone, he pretends to be perfect so I like to stay with them unless I can't.
1153 days ago
Oh lol, I just realized chapter 4 is like a video outro, that's funny haha
1153 days ago
Lol my sibling and I fight but never this bad! I'm sorry you feel so useless and horrible around your brother, I've seen a pep talk on this site check that out maybe it will uplift you!
1156 days ago
Um... I guess my siblings and I get along better than a lot of other people.